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16 High-Fiber Dinners That Are Actually Delicious AF

Meals that'll make you go again and again (and again).

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And the best way to hit your daily recommended intake of fiber is to load up on whole foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and seeds.

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Just like with any nutrient, it's best if you vary where you get fiber from (food-wise), and when you get it (meal-wise).

That said, to make sure you get enough of both insoluble and soluble fiber (which work together in the gut to help with digestion), most of your daily fiber should come from things without a nutrition label.

Below you'll find dinner ideas to get you started, but you can also check out even more high-fiber ideas — from breakfasts to snacks — here.


9. Sun-Dried Tomato Red Lentil Pasta

Fiber per serving: Lentil pasta has 11g of fiber per 3 ounces.

If you've never tried it, lentil pasta is a grain-free pasta that tastes like the whole wheat variety. You can usually find it right alongside your traditional pasta boxes. It's packed with so much fiber that you'll find it pretty easy to load up on fiber in one serving. You have been warned 💨

11. One-Pan Garlic Roasted Salmon and Brussels Sprouts

Fiber per serving: Cooked Brussels sprouts have 2 g of fiber per cup.

The trick to perfecting roasted Brussels sprouts is to coat them thoroughly with olive oil and roast them on high heat until they're charred (maybe even a little burnt!). Recipe here.


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