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    Every Thanksgiving Recipe You Could Need Or Want (All In One Place)

    Still stuck on what to make? This will help.

    Still not sure what to make for Thanksgiving this year? We've got you covered. 🍽

    Whether you're looking for budget-friendly menu ideas, oven-free options for the slow cooker or Instant Pot, or holiday-approved recipes that'll feed guests who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or Paleo, you'll find all of it below!

    1. For a (step-by-step) from-scratch Thanksgiving menu that clocks in at under $100:


    This menu β€” with garlic and herb turkey and honey-roasted sweet potatoes β€” is totally doable whether you're a first-time host or a seasoned pro.

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    2. And for an easier, heat-and-eat Trader Joe's version:


    Looking for the most fool-proof menu ever? Here's a Trader Joe's DIY Thanksgiving guide that you can size up or down.

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    3. For the mashed potatoes of your dreams:

    Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Find your favorite β€” whether its fluffy, gravy-packed potatoes or skin-on garlicky mash β€” then learn how to master it.

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    4. And stuffing, too:


    Pick a favorite of our crowd-tested stuffing recipes β€” like cornbread and apple or savory vegetarian β€” or just mix and match.

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    5. For Crock Pot recipes that cook low and slow:


    Set yourself up for a way easier Thanksgiving by outsourcing a few recipes to the Crock Pot β€” like balsamic Brussels sprouts or classic warm apple crisp.

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    6. And for Instant Pot recipes that cook fast:


    The IP is especially great for things like mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes because it doubles as a warming station.

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    7. For three-ingredient appetizers that are pretty much impossible to mess up:

    8. For simple sides and snacks:


    Sides and snacks are even better when their prep is almost entirely hands-off β€” like crispy Air Fryer Brussels sprouts or shortcut garlic knots.

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    9. For Pinterest favorites:

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    Exact favorites may change every year β€” but you can almost always on three things to make the list: a salty-sweet appetizer (cheese ball bites), an updated classic (vegan sweet potato casserole), and a killer cocktail (cranberry whiskey sour).

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    10. For all things turkey:


    You can deep-fry, dry brine, wet brine, glaze, braise β€” the list goes on, and it's all here.

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    11. For vegetarian-friendly mains and sides:


    Whether you're fully vegetarian or just cooking for someone who is, there are plenty of versatile options here β€” like portobello pot roast and chickpea pot pie.

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    12. For delicious vegan options:

    ZoΓ« Burnett / BuzzFeed

    13. For big-batch drinks you can make ahead of time:

    If you pre-batch everything upfront (like this bourbon and cranberry punch) you won't get stuck playing bartender all night.

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    14. For Paleo-friendly picks:


    FWIW, bacon-wrapped turkey should silence the haters.

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    15. For desserts that only need three ingredients:


    Nobody has to know that your maple-pear galette and fudgey Nutella cake came together in no time.

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    16. For no-bake desserts that don't even need an oven:

    Save the oven space for the turkey. No-bake desserts β€” like these chocolate peanut butter bars β€” can be made ahead and stored.

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    17. For gluten-free sweets:

    ZoΓ« Burnett / BuzzFeed,

    18. For desserts that kids will love:


    Guaranteed hits at the kids' table include cookie-topped cupcakes and make-ahead freezer pops.

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    19. And lastly, for food and drink hacks that will get you through the big day: