Every Thanksgiving Recipe You Could Need Or Want (All In One Place)

    Still stuck on what to make? This will help.

    Still not sure what to make for Thanksgiving this year? We've got you covered. 🍽

    Whether you're looking for budget-friendly menu ideas, oven-free options for the slow cooker or Instant Pot, or holiday-approved recipes that'll feed guests who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or Paleo, you'll find all of it below!

    1. For a (step-by-step) from-scratch Thanksgiving menu that clocks in at under $100:

    2. And for an easier, heat-and-eat Trader Joe's version:

    3. For the mashed potatoes of your dreams:

    4. And stuffing, too:

    5. For Crock Pot recipes that cook low and slow:

    6. And for Instant Pot recipes that cook fast:

    7. For three-ingredient appetizers that are pretty much impossible to mess up:

    8. For simple sides and snacks:

    9. For Pinterest favorites:

    10. For all things turkey:

    11. For vegetarian-friendly mains and sides:

    12. For delicious vegan options:

    13. For big-batch drinks you can make ahead of time:

    14. For Paleo-friendly picks:

    15. For desserts that only need three ingredients:

    16. For no-bake desserts that don't even need an oven:

    17. For gluten-free sweets:

    18. For desserts that kids will love:

    19. And lastly, for food and drink hacks that will get you through the big day: