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    29 Valentine's Day Gifts For Couples Who've Been Together So Long That They've Run Out Of Gifts To Get Each Other

    A mix of stuff we promise you haven't gifted them already.

    1. A Tushy bidet attachment if you've been with your S.O. so long that you know all their ~dirty~ secrets — including that they don't wipe well. This'll leave them with a cleaner crack and help y'all reduce the amount of TP you use. Plus it has the added benefit of water temperature control, meaning you can control how warm or cold the spray is.

    2. A Rosetta Stone subscription for the couple that's always saying they should learn a new language...and by language we don't mean the gibberish and baby talk you use when no one else is around.

    Various screenshots of the Rosetta Stone app on smartphones

    3. A 100 Things To Do scratch off bucket list so your plans no longer consist of the following exchange: "What do you want to do this weekend?" followed by "IDK, what do you want to do this weekend?"

    The board with some squares scratched off to reveal a cute image underneath

    4. A one-year couples journal to kickstart fun, meaningful conversations like the ones you had during the early days of your relationship. Or, a Q&A-a-day three-year journal for couples in a more time-tested relationship who want to create a time capsule of their lives together.

    5. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription because you've been together long enough to know that neither of you are much fun to be around if you haven't had your morning cup. Gift yourselves freshly roasted single-origin beans or grounds every two or four weeks and ensure you're always properly caffeinated.

    Bags of coffee and mugs of coffee artfully arranged

    6. A pair of cat parent mugs if you're both unabashed owners of the most perfect fur baby. Even if your mug collection is overflowing, these are the two you'll both grab each morning.

    Matching white mugs that say best cat dad ever and best cat mom ever with a cat with its middle finger up

    7. A box of 100 conversation starters so you never stop learning new things about your S.O. But don't toss out the deck once you've gone through it; revisit it in a little bit and you may be surprised how your answers change.

    Reviewer photo of some of the cards, which include questions like "What are you too hard on yourself for?" and "What five things do you enjoy doing with me?"

    8. Or a set of 150 questions inspired by the Love Language test to deepen your connection even after all this time together.

    The deck, which includes questions like "If you could travel back in time for one day, what year would it be and why?" and "If we as a couple had a theme song what would it be?"

    9. A Bartesian that'll make you a craft cocktail with the alcohol of your choice at the push of a button. Your S.O. has many skills but making a good spicy marg is not one of them. Thank goodness this lil' guy — which is like a Nespresso for cocktails — can do it for you.

    The Bartesian pouring a margarita in a low ball glass.

    10. A set of long-distance relationship envelopes and notes because you want them to know you're thinking of them even if you can't be together for the holidays. You can choose the prompts you'd like on the card or opt for the most popular messages.

    For brown envelopes that say open when you feel like giving up, open when you need a hug, open when you miss me, and open when you feel lonely

    11. A handy puzzle board if you and your partner are big on puzzles but small on space. It folds up neatly so you can start a puzzle in the living room and finish it in the kitchen, and is large enough to hold a 1,500-piece puzzle

    Reviewer photo of a puzzle on the board

    12. A scratch off world map for the couple who's always exploring. Travel plans are on hold for right now, but that just means you both have plenty of time to scratch off all your past adventures...and at this point in your relationship, there are a lot of them.

    The map zoomed in on the state of California, which is scratched off

    13. A fill-in-the-blank book so you can spell out all the reasons you love your significant when they leave you little presents around the apartment, aka dirty cups and dishes. OK, maybe not that...

    The book cover

    14. The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition — a book of scratch-off dates to add some spontaneity to your long-term relationship. Each activity is a surprise until you scratch it off. You'll also get an instant camera so you can snap a pic of all the fun you have during each challenge.

    The book with a photo of a happy couple

    15. A dual zone comforter that'll keep the peace in the literal and figurative marital bed. Y'all have been together long enough yet you're still fighting over someone hogging the blankets or turning on the AC overnight even though it's 40 degrees outside? Rookie move!

    The duvet showing one half is warm and the other is cool

    16. A Drinking Animals Coloring Book or a Jason Momoa coloring book because there's no better way to take the edge off than with coloring, a cocktail recipe, and fantasies of Aquaman.

    17. A genius iPhone adapter case if the one constant in your years-long relationship is your S.O. constantly losing their dongle. Just think of all the headphone jack adapters you just saved them from having to buy!

    The triangular case, which has latches to hold onto the dongle and is on a keychain

    18. A mystery box of cat hats for the feline fans whose relationship has progressed so swimmingly that they've added a furry friend to the family.

    19. A heated back and neck massager so you both finally stop complaining about aches and pains. Let's face it, you love each other but you're way past the stage of wanting to give each other 30-minute massages. Good thing this lil' guy will do it without requiring that you give them a massage in return.

    20. An art kit for helping you both tap into your creative (and maybe freaky?) side to create a tangible piece of art whose origins will be your dirty little secret.

    A black and white abstract painting made with the kit

    21. A pound of cereal marshmallows, because as much as you love them, you've tolerated them eating the marshmallows from your box of Lucky Charms for far, far, far too long.

    Reviewer with the bag of cereal marshmallows

    22. An AllTrails Pro subscription if your other half is always itching to go explore the great outdoors. AllTrails is a free service that helps you find the perfect route for your hike, bike ride, family stroll, or trail run. The Pro subscription allows you to download the maps so you can stick to your route even if you don't have service — a nice plus if you're adventuring somewhere that's out of cellphone range.

    Person walking on a trail

    23. A mates for life print for the person you've chosen as your mate...for life.

    The print, which features sketches of animals that mate for life

    24. The Wand, a practical mini handheld filter so y'all can enjoy a bottle of wine together. This lil guy is designed to remove the histamines and sulfites in alcohol that may trigger headaches and hangovers. It's also supposed to revive oxidized wine so you don't have to toss an open bottle.

    The wand

    25. An Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to bring y'all thousands — literally thousands — of streaming channels, movies, and shows, as well as live TV, news, and sports. The one nice thing about long-term relationships is that you both appreciate just sitting quietly and watching a show together.

    The remote

    26. Some Apple AirPods (or the Pro version!) because you've been together long enough to understand that you really do love each other but if you so much as hear them breathe you're going to scream. These'll help block out the noise with the sound of your favorite tunes.

    The AirPods

    27. A 7-in-1 Instant Pot if you want to give them two gifts in one. This time-saving device will deliver your dinner in minutes when it used to take hours, giving you more time to spend with each other. Awww!

    The Instant Pot

    28. A screaming goat who sits on a tree stump and shrieks whenever you touch it (honestly, same) for the partner who still appreciates a gag gift.

    The screaming goat and a mini booklet of screaming goats

    29. A two-pack of Tile Bluetooth trackers that'll put a stop to your partner's most-asked question: "Honey, can you call my phone?" Good thing they'll never need help ~finding~ all the reasons they love you.

    The white square tracker attached to a keychain

    Live footage of y'all exchanging gifts on February 14:

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