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    The Bartesian Is Basically A Nespresso For Craft Cocktails, And My Mind Is Blown

    This splurge-worthy gadget turns your home into a cocktail bar.

    When I first caught wind of the Bartesian premium cocktail machine ($349.99 on Amazon), my first thought was does anyone actually need this gadget?

    But after trying it for myself, I can say the answer is a firm YES, and here's why. I love making cocktails at home, and while I'm no bartender, I feel very comfortable shaking a spicy margarita, stirring a negroni, or whipping up a Pisco sour.

    But making craft cocktails at home requires many (often expensive) ingredients, bar tools, time and effort. With the Bartesian though, you can make fancy drinks with the click of a button — literally.

    The Bartesian pouring a margarita in a low ball glass.

    Here's how it works. The Bartesian comes with glass bottles, into which you pour your favorite spirits: vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, and gin.

    The Bartesian cocktail maker, straight out of the box with four glass bottles.

    The Bartesian uses little cocktail capsules, which you can buy online. You can make just about any cocktail you can imagine, from cosmopolitans and martinis to mint juleps and whiskey sours. You can find the full list of cocktail capsules on Bartesian's website.

    The classic collection of cocktail capsules that fit into the Bartesian machine.

    You don't have to have all the bottles filled in order to use the cocktail maker — you just need a few ounces of the spirit required for your cocktail. Gently place the liquor-filled bottles into their designated spots and choose your cocktail capsule.

    Once you turn the Bartesian on, it prompts you to insert a cocktail capsule. The smart gadget recognizes the cocktail you're trying to make and will ensure you've placed the proper spirit in the bottle (I know, it's mind-blowing). Next, it prompts you to choose your cocktail strength (there's even a mocktail option), and to place a glass with ice underneath the spout.

    Next, the Bartesian will start pouring your craft cocktail. The whole process takes about 20 seconds and it's all very exciting.

    Next up: Old Fashioned. Simply add whiskey and tell the Bartesian to start mixing.

    It's really that easy. BUT for the most important question of all: how do the cocktails taste?

    TBH, I wasn't expecting much. I didn't think that a cocktail capsule could compete with a homemade drink in terms of flavor. But every darn cocktail I tried was pretty delicious. The drinks are not overly sweet, and they genuinely taste like they're made from real, quality ingredients.

    While the Bartesian is definitely a splurge, it is an incredible gift for any cocktail lover, and it's a really incredible gadget for anyone who frequently entertains. I enjoy making cocktails from scratch, but squeezing limes and shaking margaritas for 10 friends gets tiring and messy. The Bartesian allows you to make them effortlessly.

    Me holding a Margarita outdoors.

    With many bars closed and people quarantining or feeling hesitant about going out to eat, this gadget allows you to make professional-quality cocktails at home.

    My husband and I cheers-ing with our Bartesian cocktails.

    Get the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine from Amazon for $349.99 or from Bed Bath & Beyond for $349.99.

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