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    29 Products That Will Solve Summer Clothing Problems

    Consider your excessive sweating, uneven tan lines, and chafing problems *poof* solved.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A set of anti-chafing thigh bands because hell hath no fury like a pair of angry, sweaty, chafing thighs. Slip these on under a dress so you can just exist without feeling like your body is fighting you every step.

    2. A bra liners so you, a sweaty person, can make the 30-second walk to your mailbox without the dreaded under-boob sweat.

    3. A pair of breathable underwear to keep it from getting too swampy down there if you know what I mean.

    Model wearing the hipster undies in gray

    4. A pack of underarm shields that'll soak up sweat before it can stain your shirt. They're also designed to stop odors so you don't look *or* smell like you just sweat through your shirt.

    Model wearing the pads, which look like large panty liners

    5. An anti-chafing balm for swiping anywhere your clothes rub. It creates a moisture-repelling layer on your skin (without ever feeling greasy!) that protects against blisters, irritation, and chafing when you're running, hiking, biking, or just trying to exist in the world as a sweaty person.

    6. A clinical-strength antiperspirant if nothing else has helped tackle your excessive sweating. This roll-on contains 12% aluminum chloride, a compound that blocks sweat, so you can enjoy up to 72 hours of protection from embarrassingly noticeable pit stains.

    7. A talc-free sweat-absorbing powder because it'll calm and cool any areas where sweat pools and clothes chafe. It's long lasting and made with calamine, an ingredient that can help reduce irritation and dry sweat.

    The powder

    8. A pack of aluminum-free deodorant wipes so you can freshen up on the go without leaving behind those annoying white streaks — y'know, the ones you get when you try to shimmy into a shirt after you put on deodorant. They're made to absorb orders so no one else has to know that you forget to apply deodorant this morning.

    The wipes

    9. A breathable open-back maxi dress to make a statement with as few layers of clothing as possible. Sleeves in this heat? Umm, absolutely not!

    Model wearing tiered maxi dress with smock top

    10. A pack of moisture-wicking socks that'll prevent your shoes from turning into a swamp after a few hours outside.

    11. Or a pack of no-show socks for wearing with your slip-ons and low-cut shoes so you don't stink up the inside with your bare, sweaty toes.

    Reviewer wearing the socks showing you can't see them at all while wearing slip-ons

    12. Some cotton shoe inserts if you're determined to not wear socks with your new boat shoes, but you don't want the summer heat to turn your slip-ons into a sweaty sauna.

    Reviewer photo of the inserts in their Sperry boat shoes

    13. A compressive-yet-stretchy two-piece workout set because your old leggings and sports bras just aren't cutting it anymore. This one's made from a moisture-wicking material that'll keep you cool during your summer runs and outdoor workouts.

    14. A set of super soft and lightweight PJs so you can slumber without being interrupted by the summertime night sweats.

    15. A moisture-wicking hat liner to protect your caps from those dreaded sweat stains.

    The liner

    16. A subtle self-tanner that'll help you even out any lines. No more having to wear long sleeves or close-toed shoes to hide those embarrassing lines.

    Reviewer's photo showing how the product progressively darkened to leave a natural-looking tan

    17. A pair of Adidas slides for when you want a pair of waterproof shoes that you can wear to the beach or to the pool without worrying about them getting wet.

    Model wearing the slides in neon pink

    18. A handheld steamer if your summer wardrobe is basically all linen — aka the one fabric that wrinkles basically the minute that you fold it. This'll get all the creases out of it so you don't have to explain that your linen pants are actually clean but you folded them instead of hanging them and now they look like they've been balled up in the back of your closet for a month.

    19. Some glasses grips because there's nothing more annoying than having to constantly readjust your glasses because your sweat is making them slip on your face.

    Reviewer photo of the grips on the arms of their glasses

    20. A natural shoe deodorizer spray so you don't have to wash your feet the minute you get home to get rid of the funk from your flats. It's made with essential oils and smells like lemon and eucalyptus so you'll probably want to spray it around the rest of your house, too.

    The spray bottle

    21. A pack of air purifying bags to leave in your shoes when you're not wearing them. These'll absorb any stench practically overnight. C'mon, getting these just makes ~scents~.

    The bags in a pair of shoes

    22. Or a pair of machine-washable flats or sneakers that'll look and smell as good as new after a quick rinse. Now your feet can sweat as much as they want!

    23. A fast-absorbing sunburn lotion for soothing your skin after exposure to the sun. It's made to recondition and replenish your skin, and reviewers have found that it can help prevent peeling so you can wear your favorite summery outfits without worrying about obnoxious tan lines or tender, sunburned skin that even the lightest fabric irritates.

    A reviewer's before and after: before, their back hot pink from sunburn; after, their back faded to a tan

    24. A cotton undershirt with a built-in panel that absorbs sweat if you want peace of mind knowing you can lift your arms whenever and wherever you want without fear of exposing your sweat stains.

    25. A set of little plastic caps because trying to wear heals in grass, gravel, or dirt without tipping over, sinking into the ground, or destroying your shoes equals one word: impossible! Or at least it was before these guys came along.

    26. A set of mesh laundry bags so you can keep all the pieces of your bathing suit together instead of having to root around the pile trying to find your lost bikini string and those pesky removable cup pads.

    Reviewer photo of the bags laid out

    27. A matching crop top and skirt set to keep you stylish *and* cool when it's basically too hot outside to think. This lil' number will help you make maximum impact with minimal layers.

    28. An post-shave liquid that'll help treat and prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps so you can wear your fave sleeveless summer tops. Deodorant and sweating, two things you probably have more of in the summer, can irritate ingrown hairs and make your armpits uncomfortable — so add this to your cart ASAP for the smooth pits, legs, or bikini line of your dreams.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the treatment completely cleared up their very red and noticeable ingrown armpit hairs

    29. Some double-sided fashion tape for when it's too dang hot to wear a bra but you want to avoid a nip slip. It's also great for keeping strapless bras from falling when you sweat, especially if you're busty.

    Your only summer plans now that all your clothing problems are solved:

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