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14 Black-Owned Kitchen Product Brands You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

From practical cast-iron skillets to whimsical colored wine glasses, there's something here for every aesthetic.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Black History Month, we also believe in celebrating the value and contributions of Black people year-round. Please enjoy our BHM-themed shopping lists from BuzzFeed Shopping, the Black entrepreneurs who create these products and services, and know that you can #BuyBlack well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. Expedition Subsahara sells the most beautiful woven mats and vessels. And 20% of each purchase goes toward an education fund to build a STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts, and math) school in Senegal that will empower young girls and help them earn an education.

2. Estelle Colored Glass injects joy into your glassware with their fun and whimsical vintage-inspired and handblown collection.

Cabinet holding a mixture of stemmed and stemless wine glasses in a variety of colors

3. Karibe satisfies all your cast-iron cookware needs with their durable nonstick skillets.

4. xN Studio adds flair to your dining room table with beautifully designed pieces made in both the US and Uganda. The brand mixes traditional fabrics and methods with modern trends and applications.

5. Sustainable Home Goods works with artisans who follow eco-friendly and sustainable practices to create functional and exquisite pieces.

6. 54kibo celebrates the splendor and variety of contemporary African designs with pieces that tell their own unique stories.

7. BespokeBinny brings the brightness and color of Africa to your kitchen with their multi-hued aprons, gloves, table runners, and more.

8. Domain showcases the best of the best when it comes aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional kitchen accessories.

9. Linoto has mastered the luxe linen game. They apply the same rigorous design standards that you might expect from a luxury fashion brand.

10. Ecovibe is ~the~ vibe if you're all about ethical and sustainable products.

11. Mi Cocina protects you *and* your very specific design aesthetic with their elegant pot and pan holders, oven mitts, aprons, and more.

12. Reflektion Design makes a statement with their vibrant handmade pieces. Your kitchen = anything but basic.

13. Jungalow supplies ~jungalicious~ vibes to the most boring kitchen space.

14. Baughaus emphasizes its Jamaican roots with island vibes and beach-inspired designs.

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