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When You Love To Debate

Are you with Alix on #TeamBacon or Chloe on #TeamClassics? Pick your side and comment below!

10 Holiday Moments That Aren't The Same Without Coffee

We can’t holiday before Peppermint Mochas, tbh. Live your best seasonal life and head to participating McDonald's to try their new McCafé espresso line.

Build A Gingerbread House And We’ll Reveal Which Coffee Drink You Need RN

Because the holidays just aren’t the same without a warm drink in hand! Get in the holiday spirit with the McCafé Peppermint Mocha at McDonald's!

Would You Rather: Coffee Edition

You're not capable of basic human functioning before you have it, so these stakes could NOT be higher. To satisfy your coffee cravings, head to McDonald's and try their new McCafé espresso line.

15 Animal GIFs That Are Actually You Without Coffee

If nothing comes before coffee, don't miss out on the new McCafé espresso line at McDonald's!

11 "Pre-Coffee" Moments Everyone Can Relate To

Not a single thing. Seize the moment with the new McCafé espresso line from McDonald’s!

If You Love McDonald’s And Breakfast, You Should Pass This Quiz

If you love McDonald’s, this quiz should be easy as (hot)cakes. And if you love breakfast, you now have more choices to love with All Day Breakfast.

This Is The Hardest “Would You Rather” If You Love McDonald's And Breakfast

Nice to meet you, McMuffin. Now that McDonald’s serves All Day Breakfast, you can have a McMuffin and so much more breakfast goodness anytime you want.

Which Pets Would You Rather Pet?

You really can't go wrong either way. And at McDonald's, you can also have the best of everything thanks to the new McPick 2 for $2.

10 Words That Mean Something Different To Indecisive People

Decisions are much easier when every choice is a winner. Like with McDonald's new McPick 2 for $2 menu, which is filled with items to mix and match.

9 Times In Life We Wish We Could Mix And Match

It's the remix to decision. With the new McPick 2 for $2 from McDonald's, you can create winning combinations by choosing from a variety of menu items.

10 Haiku For Lovers Of Crispy Chicken

The obsession is real. Get what you want with McDonald's new premium Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

These People May Have Just Found Their Sandwich Soulmate

True love is in the air! Head to McDonald's for the new Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich and experience it for yourself.

12 Perfectly Delightful Surprises You'd Take Any Day

One can dream, right? Guarantee a mouthwatering surprise at McDonald's by biting into the new Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

11 Animals Who Are Totally Chickening Out Right Now

Don't be scared! McDonald’s new Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich will keep you safe.

40 Thoughts That Immediately Hit You On A Summer Friday

SO many things you could do with your weekend of fun in the sun! Enjoy every last second before summer's over and head to McDonald's for a $2.50 Double Combo with a Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries before it's gone!

12 Dogs Who Never Want Summer To End

Summertime is the best time, and dogs REALLY don't want it to be over. You won't either, especially since McDonald's $2.50 Double Combo: a Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries is only here for the summer. So get it before the season ends!

11 Epic Mash-Ups To Take Your Summer To The Next Level

Summer's almost over, so why not go all out? Fuel up with a $2.50 Double Combo: a Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries from McDonald’s. Get it before it's gone!