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10 Holiday Moments That Aren't The Same Without Coffee

We can’t holiday before Peppermint Mochas, tbh. Live your best seasonal life and head to participating McDonald's to try their new McCafé espresso line.

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1. Searching for the perfect tree:

This is serious business, and to be at your best, you’ll need your dose of espresso.

2. Chilly winter walks with your family:

Coffee = the best hand-warmer.

3. Shoveling the driveway after a big snow:

If you think we are capable of doing this before coffee, you, my friend, are a real hoot.

4. Catching up with old friends:

When you’re home for the holidays, you probably say, “We should grab coffee and catch up!” roughly 4,543,090 times.

5. Making holiday cookies:

Nothing comes before coffee. Not even cookies. FACT.

6. Last-minute present wrapping:

Speed and precision are necessary when you’re panicking about wrapping your final presents. Espresso is there for you.

7. Unwrapping presents:

You can’t afford to be groggy on the best morning of the year. Espresso up.

8. Feeling cozy on a snow day:

Watching the snow pile up while you’re huddled indoors with a hot coffee drink and a blanket cannot be overhyped.

9. Intense board-game sessions with the fam:

Caffeine is a 100% necessity if you’re ever going to best your grandma’s shrewd strategy and obscure vocab.

10. Staying up late to stash presents under the tree:

You know Santa is drinking his espresso for optimal present delivery, and you should too.

Happy holidays, coffee — it’s not the same without you. Check out the delicious new McDonald's McCafé espresso beverages for all the holiday cheer. At just $2 for any small, there’s pretty much zero excuse not to. ;)

A la carte only. Limited time only at participating McDonald's. Cannot be combined with any other offer or any combo meal. Peppermint Mocha available through December 2017 at participating McDonald's. © 2017 McDonald's.

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