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15 Animal GIFs That Are Actually You Without Coffee

If nothing comes before coffee, don't miss out on the new McCafé espresso line at McDonald's!

1. Let's face it: You're just not on your A game when you skip your morning latte.

2. You can barely stay on your feet without a magical shot of espresso.

3. Like, getting out of bed is actually impossible.

4. The simplest tasks take EVERY OUNCE OF ENERGY you have.

5. This hedgehog's aimless circles are a metaphor for your morning without coffee...

6. ...and this is actual footage of you on your way to work.

7. If you and your BFF skip your usual coffee run, you end up rolling into the office like:

8. This dog is you attempting to do ANYTHING sans caffeine.

9. This is the only way you'll attend a meeting where coffee is not being served...

10. ...and small talk with your coworkers is basically impossible without the power of espresso.

11. Just when you convince yourself that you can maybe make it through the day...

12. smell the intoxicating aroma of SOMEONE ELSE's Pumpkin Spice Latte.

13. You can't concentrate on anything except the image of a delicious coffee.

14. When you finally hit the dreaded 3 p.m. slump...

15. accept defeat and find a place to take a secret nap.

Never go a day without the power of espresso. Try any small McCafé espresso for only $2 at McDonald's!

A la carte only. Limited time only at participating McDonald's. Cannot be combined with any other offer or any combo meal. Pumpkin Spice Latte available through October 2017 at participating McDonald's. ©2017 McDonald’s.