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Do You Want To Know Exactly How You'll Be Affected By Marriage Equality?

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There's been a lot of talk about marriage equality this election, and not much of it has been great for LGBT Aussies.

Lyle Shelton has, on multiple occasions, referred to the children of same-sex couples as a "new Stolen Generation".

Lyle also lamented the horrible future for incarcerated bakers.

Then we had Liberal MP George Christensen likening the LGBTI anti-bullying campaign Safe Schools to “paedophile grooming”.

Or there was the time that old mate Cory Bernardi said that supporting same-sex marriage is just like supporting bestiality.

Oh yeah, and when our fave Pauline Hanson was asked about same-sex marriage, she reminded us to think about the Diggers and what they fought for.

But what will marriage equality really do to our country? How will it affect the lives of Australians? Let us tell you by answering this one question.