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Australia Votes 2016

Australia Votes 2016

Millions of dollar, dollar bills y'all.

We're going backwards.

“Everything I’ve ever achieved I’ve done through doing the hard yards."

Back to work Monday.

When you have to go to work with your dad in school holidays and decide to burn the prime minister.

It's been over a week since polls closed.

Who are they and why should you care?

He once called for "croc shooting safaris" to put "nature back in balance".

Shorten is safe as Labor leader - for now.

The reaction comes following Hanson's hugely viral dismissal of a halal snack pack on the weekend.

And their answers.

But the counting continues.

The flyers said homosexuality was a "death curse".

Can you pick between the American Trump and the Australian Trump?

Please explain.

The leader of the One Nation Party spoke on a Christian radio station last month and was asked about her stance on Islam.

"Shit's fucked aye?"

The PM opened fire at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Shorten is safe, for now.

One spent the day doing a victory lap, the other stayed home.

It's all just a little bit of history repeating.

What does this election result mean for marriage equality?

They are... interesting.

The tension!

"I'm not interested in halal."

Don't mess with Laurie Oakes.

The numbers are looking worse for the Coalition today.

Meet Senator-elect Pauline Hanson.

With no result expected tonight, it's a waiting game.

Let them eat cake.

There’s a possibility Australia may have a hung parliament and people aren’t taking it very seriously.

We're just here for the sausages.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Welcome back, 2004 Dancing With The Stars runner-up Pauline Hanson.

"We have created history tonight"

He was involved in a sexual harassment scandal in December.

Even a Pussy Magnet needs to vote.

You fight for democracy and this is what you do with it.

She's coming back.

She went in on Twitter.

"Australian politics is a real sausage fest."

Dogs and growth.

Shorten plans to announce in his concession speech that he wants to stay on as Labor leader. But the move is on.

Sometimes you just gotta "Shake It Off".

Updates continue as Australia awaits the election result. And waits. And...

This election was better because you were a part of it. RIP Harambe.

He took his democracy sausage straight into the polling booth.

56 days, 39 ties.

Traditional sausage sizzle lovers avert your eyes.

Follow our live election day blog, with our BuzzFeed News reporters following the leaders before polls close.

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