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22 Of The Most WTF Moments From This Season Of "The Bachelor" Australia

Robots, kilts, and chocolate baths. Is this The Bachelor or a Roald Dahl book?

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3. When Janey left her shoe with Richie and he had to be like, "do you want this back or nah?".

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Not so much Cinderella as it was Cinder-FAIL-ahhhhh this was a bad joke, I'm sorry.

5. When the ladies had to take care of robot babies, to prove their maternal skills.

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There was more diversity in the robot babies than any season of The Bachelor Australia.


11. When Richie honestly couldn't stop pashing people.

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According to our Bachelor Maths team, had Richie kissed ONE more woman he would have kissed the same as ol' mate Blake. PASH. BANDIT.

12. When Keira kept telling Richie yoga isn't about relaxing, it's about strengthening your core.

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That woman in downward dog next to Richie? Oh, she's just the yoga instructor.


13. When Keira was 100% sure she was getting a rose on her first single date... then was sent packing.

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A summary of this scene:

Keira: I'm going home with a rose and no one will bring me down from that.

Richie: I think you should leave

Keira: Mmm yeah babes, we're totes on the same page.

15. When Alex claimed Rachael started a fight with her about "Nikki being the winner", then cried to Nikki about it.

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Rachael allegedly also questioned Alex as to why she left her son to be on the show, but this all happened off-screen so who fucking knows what went down.


21. When Olena admitted on home dates she was absolutely in love with tennis, and Richie honestly had no idea.

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The third-last episode of the season and we found out Olena loves tennis probably more than she likes Richie?

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