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    Everyone Is Traumatised By The Chocolate Bath Date On "The Bachelor" Australia

    I never want to eat chocolate again.

    On tonight's episode of The Bachelor Australia, Alex was rewarded the single date.

    Network 10

    What an absolute honour.

    The two made each other a block of chocolate, then took it one step further: They decided to then have a chocolate bath.

    Network 10

    Needless to say, everyone was really, kinda horrified?

    I just ... I literally just squealed in horror at the TV screen. This is revolting. ... and the chocolate is gross too. #TheBachelorAU

    The bachelor just got too weird #TheBachelorAU

    Good work Bachie, you've ruined chocolate for Australia #TheBachelorAU

    "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK" - all of Australia right now. #TheBachelorAU

    Cry girl is going to get a yeast infection having a chocolate bath #TheBachelorAU

    Like, it wasn't pleasant to watch.

    Yeah, not feeling this date #thebachelorau

    Me watching this gross chocolate bath date #TheBachelorAU

    Is it just me or does bathing in chocolate sound freaking disgusting? #TheBachelorAU

    And of course there were a couple Charlie and the Chocolate Factory jokes to be made.

    bloody bring on the oompa loompas and put this date out of its misery. #TheBachelorAU

    "I'm so happy right now I'll do anything for him" -Alex, confused Willy Wonker Golden Ticket winner #TheBachelorAU

    I mean, at least Osher enjoyed it I guess.

    This is the greatest thing ever broadcast on Australian television. #TheBachelorAU

    Meanwhile, the rest of us are traumatised for life.

    once upon a time, i would watch bacchie and eat chocolate. RIP to those days. #thebachelorau

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