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    Outtakes From The "Abbey Road" Album Cover Are Being Auctioned Off Next Month

    It took the Fab Four a few goes to get this one right.

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    You've no doubt seen this picture...

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    ...but perhaps not this one.

    Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions / Via

    On 21 November, outtakes and the final cover shot for The Beatles' Abbey Road album will be auctioned at Bloomsbury Auctions’ Photographs & Photobooks.

    The photographs were commissioned from Scottish lensman Iain Macmillan (1938–2006).

    Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions / Via

    The press release states: "This is believed to be the first time that a complete suite of the signed and numbered photographs has ever been offered at public auction."

    Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions / Via

    Macmillan, who was friends with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, took the pictures from the top of a ladder in the middle of the road.

    Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions / Via

    "That photo’s been called an icon of the '60s," Macmillan said in 1989. "I suppose it is. I think the reason it became so popular is its simplicity. It’s a very simple, stylised shot."

    Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions / Via

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