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    Outtakes From The "Abbey Road" Album Cover Are Being Auctioned Off Next Month

    It took the Fab Four a few goes to get this one right.

    You've no doubt seen this picture...

    ...but perhaps not this one.

    The photographs were commissioned from Scottish lensman Iain Macmillan (1938–2006).

    The press release states: "This is believed to be the first time that a complete suite of the signed and numbered photographs has ever been offered at public auction."

    Macmillan, who was friends with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, took the pictures from the top of a ladder in the middle of the road.

    "That photo’s been called an icon of the '60s," Macmillan said in 1989. "I suppose it is. I think the reason it became so popular is its simplicity. It’s a very simple, stylised shot."