The New Beatles Documentary Sheds A Whooooole New Light On The Problematic Narrative That Yoko Ono Broke Up The Beatles

    The Beatles broke up the Beatles.

    Over Thanksgiving weekend, Disney+ released a new three-part documentary following the Beatles' last recording sessions before their disbandment, simply titled The Beatles: Get Back.

    John Lennon staring into the camera: "And now, your host for this evening: The Bottles!;" George and Paul walking into the studio; Ringo drinking coffee while playing drums

    The three-part documentary shows rare behind-the-scenes footage of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr recording the songs for their penultimate album Let It Be.

    And it also sheds a whole new light on the problematic narrative that's been around since 1970: Yoko Ono breaking up the Beatles. There are several moments throughout the 7.8 hours of footage that deconstructs this misogynistic theory, and proves an unpopular one instead: the Beatles were actually responsible for breaking up the Beatles.

    Dick Cavett to Yoko: "You've been called 'the dragon lady' who brought the Beatles apart;" Yoko in a 1986 interview: "The Beatles were a great group, but they wanted to be independent;" Yoko telling Barbara Walters she didn't want the Beatles to break up

    So, here are some moments from The Beatles: Get Back that prove Yoko Ono was "responsible for breaking up the Beatles."

    *Yoko Ono quietly does a crossword puzzle quietly next to John* "SHE'S DOING IT, LOOK, SHE'S BREAKING UP THE BEATLES"

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    ****Sense the tone — she wasn’t responsible, just so we're all clear!****

    1. When Paul and John were dancing in the control room at Apple Corps music studio, and Yoko looked on at their friendship in the most vicious way possible.

    Yoko laughing at Paul and John while they dance together in the control room

    2. When she showed up to rehearsals every single day in January 1969 just to get a feel for everyone's weaknesses, and used it against her soon-to-be husband's band.

    Yoko sitting on a chair quietly on Day 1, knitting; Yoko sitting quietly next to John on the last day

    3. When she hatched an evil plan to break up John's friendship with Paul and interrupted their conversation to give John a piece of gum.

    Yoko breaking a piece of gum into two pieces and handing it to John

    4. When Yoko took Paul's soon-to-be wife, Linda Eastman, aside while the Beatles worked on a single song for 2 million hours, and brainstormed ways they could tear the band apart.

    Yoko and Linda talking to each other, deep in thought

    5. When she refused to attend the Beatles' last-minute concert on the rooftop of Apple Corps, and wouldn't sit in the freezing cold after the band played the same batch of songs over and over again.

    Yoko sitting quietly on the rooftop; the Beatles performing "I've Got a Feeling" twice on the roof in the freezing cold

    6. When she read the newspaper as the Beatles worked out the legendary tune "Don't Let Me Down," and spoke for John when Paul criticized his guitar part.

    Paul to John: "It was always weak on your guitar" John to Paul: "Yeah, sure..." George to Paul: "If you listen to the words, all that's going on is the bass, guitar, and drums doing..." Paul to George: "Give in. I give in"

    7. When she was the only significant other, family member, or friend in the Beatles' circle to sit in on their studio sessions and watch them bring legendary songs to life.

    Pattie Harrison with George; Maureen Starkey sitting in on a meeting; Linda Eastman hugging Paul; Heather Eastman playing drums with Ringo, George's friend Shyamsunder Das sitting in on rehearsals

    8. When she totally distracted the band from being productive when she brought in loud, invasive things to pass the time with.

    Yoko reading a book on the Beatles; Yoko sitting next to John while looking through stubs; Yoko sitting in the corner knitting

    9. When Yoko didn't get along with George, Paul, OR Ringo, and dismissed absolutely everything they had to say.

    George: "All of these songs of mine, I could give to people who could do 'em good. But I realized, 'You know, fuck all that.' I'm just gonna do me for a bit" Yoko to George: "It's great. That's a good idea!"

    10. When she would talk over John, Paul, George, and Ringo when they were rehearsing songs, and constantly forced her songwriting opinions on the band.

    Yoko sitting in silence next to John; Yoko standing in silence next to John; Yoko brushing her hair in silence next to George

    11. When she had absolutely no appreciation for the Beatles' music, and couldn't stand the thought of ever liking it (let alone dancing to it).

    Yoko dancing with John while he plays guitar, while the band is performing, and in the middle of Twickenham Studios

    12. When she was a total bore to be around, and never knew how to let loose and have fun in between recording sessions and rehearsals with the band.

    Yoko jamming with Paul and John in between rehearsals

    13. When Yoko controlled John's entire personality before the Beatles started working on songs, and refused to let him be his true, authentic self.

    John pretending to be in a boxing fight with George while Yoko looks on with love and laughter

    14. When she didn't laugh at the suuuuuper hilarious banter that was happening behind the scenes in the studio, control room, and elsewhere at Apple Corps and Twickenham Studios.

    George's joke: "When anybody asked for four speakers, the EMI guy said, 'What do you want four for? You've only got two ears!'" while all the men laugh, and Yoko stares into space

    15. When John Lennon was tired, stressed, and drained from the Get Back sessions, playing guitar on his back, and she refused to support or comfort him.

    Yoko patting John's head

    16. And when Yoko bad-mouthed Paul in all three parts of the documentary, further proving just how much she's always despised him.

    Paul to everyone behind John and Yoko's back: "I start writing songs about white walls, just 'cause I think John and Yoko would like that;" John and Yoko on their wedding day, wearing a white suit and white dress

    In conclusion:

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