Every Florence Pugh Performance, Ranked From Okay To Devastatingly Good

    Miss Flo might have broken up with Zach Braff, but she's still in that movie he directed...

    Don't mind me, sashaying into this article carrying an Aperol Spritz while I'm supposed to be at a press conference listening to Harry Styles describe what a movie is. I am here (in my purple two-piece ensemble complete with matching bag and jacket) to sing the praises of the illustrious Miss Flo (as her dearest friends tend to call her).

    A collage of photos of Florence Pugh

    17. Marcella (2016) — Cara Thomas

    Florence Pugh holding a knife

    16. The Commuter (2018) — Gwen

    Florence Pugh with a nose ring sits on a train

    15. King Lear (2018) — Cordelia

    Florence Pugh sits at a table

    14. Outlaw King (2018) — Elizabeth de Burgh

    Florence Pugh talks to a knigh

    13. The Falling (2014) — Abbie Mortimer

    Florence Pugh lays on the lap of Maisie Williams on the grass

    12. Malevolent (2018) — Angela Sayers

    Florence Pugh wears a turtleneck and stands outside of a house

    11. A Good Person (2023) — Allison

    Florence Pugh sits at a diner booth

    10. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022) — Goldilocks

    Mama Bear holds up Puss while Goldilocks holds up a wanted poster

    9. Hawkeye (2021) — Yelena Belova

    Florence Pugh sits at a table

    8. Black Widow (2021) — Yelena Belova

    Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh stand beside some wreckage

    7. Lady Macbeth (2017) — Katherine Lester

    Florence Pugh dressed as a bride

    6. Don't Worry Darling (2022) — Alice Chambers

    Florence Pugh and Harry Styles watch something together

    5. Little Drummer Girl (2018) — Charlie Ross

    Florence Pugh aims a gun with Alexander Skarsgard

    4. The Wonder (2022) — Lib Wright

    Florence Pugh wears blue and stands in a grave yard

    3. Fighting with My Family (2019) — Saraya "Paige" Knight

    Florence Pugh shouts while wrestling

    2. Midsommar (2019) — Dani Ardor

    Florence Pugh screams with other women

    1. Little Women (2019) — Amy March

    Florence Pugh and Meryl Streep ride in the back of a carriage

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