Real Injured People Would Turn Up To The "Scrubs" Hospital Looking To Get Treated, And 20 More Behind The Scenes Facts About The Iconic Series

    The Janitor was supposed to be a figment of JD's imagination. 🤯

    Scrubs was one of the most beloved and unique shows, and it certainly got me through my younger years. From fun fantasies to genuinely heartbreaking moments, it had a bit of everything.

    Well, I've been rewatching the whole thing*, which made learning what happened behind the scenes even more fascinating!

    *on Disney+, if you're wondering.

    1. The hospital used in the pilot wasn't the actual one the filmed in the rest of the series in.

    2. All the dressing rooms, bars, and apartments were also in the hospital.

    3. Zach Braff (JD) went on rounds with real doctors to prepare – even visiting patients with them.

    4. The x-ray at the end of the intro is actually backward.

    Kim (Dr Briggs) actually addresses the mistake in a future intro:

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    5. On the theme song, Zach was the one who found it.

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    Yup, we wouldn't have the iconic theme music if it wasn't for Zach listening to it and then pitching it to Bill, who agreed it was perfect for the show! 

    6. They tried to add the Janitor to the intro and slow the music down for season two, but the fans revolted! Here's the short-lived changed one.

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    7. John C McGinley, who played Dr Cox, would get the script for some monologues the night before, the same day, or even 25 minutes before the shoot!

    Here are some of his most iconic monologues.

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    8. The Janitor was initially part of JD's imagination.

    9. Much of the Janitor's lines were improvised.

    Here are some of his best lines:

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    10. They did a medicinal weed plot that got scrapped.

    11. Donald (a huge Star Wars fan) pleaded with Bill to let him be in the star wars fantasy – it was just supposed to be Kelso and Cox initially.

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    12. Jordan is played by Bill Lawrence's wife Christa Miller, so Zach had to make out with the show's creator's wife, for him!

    13. Of course, so did John C. McGinley.

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    14. There’s a real JD (Jon Dorris), who our JD was actually based on.

    That’s my best pal, @Realjaydee2 - he’s great on ZB and Donald’s podcast “Fake Doctors Real Friends” but is even more of a rock star at his day job with all the other health care/front line workers. Much thanks to them all. Wear a mask.

    Twitter: @VDOOZER

    That's right! Bill's college mate Jon Doris is the real JD! Not only would he help out with advice and medical jargon, but JD's lifestyle and general progression throughout the seasons were also tailored around Jon's experiences.

    15. Elliot was also based on John Doris' wife, Dolly.

    16. They'd also interview doctors about their experiences to make it accurate.

    17. Sometimes patients would come onto the set with ailments thinking it was an actual hospital.

    18. Ted's mum in the picture is actually the actor, Sam Lloyd's mum.

    19. Ted's band was also a band in real life called The Blanks.

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    The great late Sam Lloyd was part of a real acapella group, which is the one used as the hospital group.

    Here are some of the acapella group's best scenes in the series:

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    20. This Elliot and JD sex scene took an entire day to film!

    21. The network didn't want to do this iconic long opening scene.

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    Chris Hayes (of Men at Work fame) became a key component of Scrubs, including being behind this famous elongated musical intro. The network was actually really against such a long intro, but it stayed in (thankfully). 

    A lot of these scoops came from Donald Faison and Zach Braff's podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald which is a great listen if you love the series!

    What was your fave Scrubs moment? Let us know in the comments below!