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30 Times Harry Styles Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

Short shorts, twerking, a Miley costume, and the most beautiful hip-twirling of the year.

1. When his buttcheeks blessed the world with sweet, beautiful rays of angelic light.

2. When he went to the beach in the tiniest of yellow shorts and displayed his four nipples proudly in all of their blesséd glory.

3. When he spent most of the VMAs opening this orange behind Rihanna.

4. When he made this face to express his utter shock over his own glamorous image.

5. When he twerked in the general vicinity of Darren Criss and brought a nation to its knees.

6. When he walked around the streets telling people he's gangsta while displaying the sharpest pair of nipples ever seen in public.

7. The time he wiped cream off his face with the bottom of his shirt and somewhere, far in the distance, a baby dove learned to fly.

8. The time he made all of these flawless faces in the course of one single interview.

9. When he sucked his bottom lip like this and sucked the very air from my frail lungs.

10. When he looked like the most dainty, majestic lion in this flower crown.

11. The time he and Zach Braff had the most romantic date of all time.

12. When he suffered the most iconic pantsing in the history of man.

13. When he stood next to David Beckham and David looked like he could not physically handle standing next to someone with such beauty.

14. When he made this gorgeous face.

15. When he made the entire world jealous of this shoe for grazing his thighs for just one beautiful second.

16. The time he blew kisses and made this heart and ruined my entire life.

17. When he dressed as the most flawless Miley.

18. And the most beautiful Hanson brother.

19. When he lifted the Eiffel Tower and it didn't look terrible or ridiculous at all.

20. The time he meant to wave with one hand and sing with the other hand, but got messed up.

21. The time he tongued his own face.

22. Literally every single, gorgeous, sweaty, shiny second of this moment.

And this one.

And this one.

And this one.

And just all of this.

Every sweet second of it.

23. When he posed behind Rihanna and Rihanna was so into it.

24. When he made sweet, sweet love to Niall while making pottery.

25. When he tried looking like a gangster Santa.

26. The time he slyly adjusted himself on the red carpet and tried not to laugh.

27. And the time he did this.

28. Pretty much every time he moved his face.

29. When he gave the most delicate, beautiful kiss on television.

30. And literally every single time he twisted his beautiful hips.


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