30 Times Zayn Malik Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

The face of an actual angel.

1. When he looked like a smoldering hot pile of hot ass on the red carpet.

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2. When he actually ate a candy thong off of Harry Styles.

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3. When he broke out these flawless dance moves.

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4. And these flawless facial expressions.

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5. Whenever he couldn’t stop touching his own perfect jawline.

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6. When he graced the world with these beautiful squinty eyes.

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7. When he made this face which is basically the face the entire world makes when looking at Zayn.

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8. When he had all this hair and you could just imagine running your fingers through it and then slapping him in his perfect face.

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9. When he and his eyes looked like this.

ID: 2165838

10. And this.

ID: 2165856

11. And this.

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12. When his beard hair was almost as long as his face hair and you couldn’t decide which strand to stare at the longest.

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13. When he blew this flower petals into the very depths of your soul.

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14. Whenever he makes a duck face and you imagine yourself living on the tip of his pouty lips for the rest of your life.

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15. When he posed next to the luckiest baby on the planet.

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16. And when he and his eyes and his eyebrows posed with the luckiest lizard on earth.

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17. Basically whenever he does a dance.

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18. Because even when it’s stupid, it’s somehow still sexy.

ID: 2165980

19. When he wore this santa hat and you imagine what that hat must be thinking, to be able to nuzzle such a beautiful head.

ID: 2165986

20. When he wore this turtle neck and somehow made it work.

ID: 2165994

21. That time he wore these leather pants.

ID: 2166016

22. When he revealed the underwear bulge of the century.

ID: 2166028

23. When he was basically naked while boxing.

ID: 2166056

24. And basically naked while blowing into this thing.

ID: 2166060

25. When he made this weird kissy face and it was so beautiful.

ID: 2166237

26. When he smiled the most perfect smile.

ID: 2166287

27. When he realized how far he’d come.

ID: 2166307

28. When he sleepily nuzzled this apple.

ID: 2166366

29. When he thrusted and shook the entire world.

ID: 2166445

30. And when he licked his lips and his face looked like this and literally every single part of him looked 100% flawless.

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