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The Ultimate Ranking Of Animated Disney Horses

Straight from the horse's mouth.

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27. Sitron and Kjekk (Frozen)

Sitron (left) was Prince Han's horse, and Kjekk (right) belonged to Princess Anna. Neither one had a large role in Frozen and they rank low on the list because as far as loyal horses go, neither score too well. Sitron let his owner fall into water in order to wave goodbye with his hoof. Kjekk on the other hand, gets spooked by a tree branch and straight-up abandons Anna in the wilderness.

26. Abu as a Horse (Aladdin)


Abu was a quality companion as a monkey and even as an elephant. However, he makes for a pretty shaky looking horse. Granted, he's only in horse form for a split second. He definitely looks like he needs a trip to the salon though, because that hair is a mess! 💇


25. Shang's Horse (Mulan)


Shang’s horse doesn't have a name and isn’t really all that important during the film. He probably wouldn’t be worth noting if not for the hidden Mickeys in his spots. Overall though, Shang’s horse isn’t very reliable. He gets scared at the burning village then disappears during the avalanche. Not necessarily qualities you'd look for in a steed.

24. Philippe (Beauty and the Beast)


This may be a controversial statement, but I feel like Philippe was a pretty shitty excuse for a horse. Look at how useless he is with the wolves, literally hiding behind Belle! And honestly, the whole disaster could have been avoided if Philippe hadn’t abandoned Maurice in the woods after being spooked.

23. The Zebras (The Lion King)


The zebras definitely aren't main characters in The Lion King, but I'm including them in the list because of the loyalty they show to Simba. You're probably also wondering whether or not zebras are horses? Well, technically they are a different species but are members of the same family (Equidae) and genus (Equus). I'm using the term "horse" rather loosely in this list, so yeah, the zebras make the cut.

22. The Jousting Horses (Sword in the Stone)

These guys charged head first towards each other, yet somehow managed to drop their riders and escape without injury. That shit takes skills, and look at the unicorn mask the white horse is wearing? Talk about knowing how to accessorize well!

21. Gaston’s Horse (Beauty and the Beast)


Not only is Gaston's horse gorgeous, but he's also strong and fearless. He isn't intimated by torches, glowing mirrors, or loud mobs. This horse led the charge to the castle, and looked great doing it! 🐎


20. The Unicorns (Fantasia)


The unicorns are among the characters in Fantasia's "Pastoral Symphony." All we see them do is frolic, hide, then sleep. But hey, look at how adorable they are!

19. Prince Achmed’s Horse (Aladdin)


Prince Achmed’s horse doesn't do much but he doesn't have to. Not only is he fabulously styled, but look at that dramatic reaction to Aladdin calling Achmed a horse's rear-end. So fierce!

18. Buck and Patrick (Home on the Range)

Home on the Range isn't one of Disney's more popular films, but it does feature two pretty iconic horses. Patrick (right) is obedient, but unfortunately quite gullible. Buck (left) on the other hand, is hilarious, smart, and totally brave.

17. Young Pegasus (Fantasia)


There's actually a whole Pegasus family in Fantasia, but Young Pegasus is the only one getting a mention on this list because of how cute he is trying to learn how to fly.

16. The Prince’s Horse (Snow White)

Although he doesn't have a name or much of a personality, the Prince's horse was kind and gentle to Snow after she was awoken. He waited patiently while she kissed all of the dwarves good-bye, then carried Snow into the sunset.


15. Jaq and Gus Gus as Mice (Cinderella)


When she needed horses, Cinderella's fairy godmother immediately thought to turn the four mice chilling nearby (which included Jaq and Gus Gus) into horses. And I gotta tell you, her intuition was spot on! These guys are unwavering in their loyalty to Cinderella, both as mice and horses. 🐭

14. Destiny (Enchanted)


We don’t see a lot of Prince Edward’s horse Destiny in the movie, but what we do see definitely leaves us wanting more. Look at that gorgeous, and clearly well-maintained coat! Simply stunning.

13. Captain (101 Dalmatians)


Captain the horse – along with his comrades Colonel the sheepdog and Sergeant Tibbs the cat – play a vital role in the rescue of the stolen puppies. Captain delivers a epic back kick that pretty much showed the villains who’s boss in that barn.

12. Snowball and Achilles (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Neither Snowball (left) nor Achilles (right) have much of a role in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and pretty much only exist to balance each other out. They rank well though on this list because both are super obedient. Look at how Achilles sits on command, no matter who's in the way!


10. Bullseye (Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3)


Although he’s a toy horse, Bullseye acts like a loyal puppy. He’s affectionate, but a little too emotional for my taste, which is why he doesn't rank higher on this list.

9. Major (Cinderella)


Major may have been overlooked when it came to pulling Cinderella's carriage, but was later able to lead the group of palace horses after Cinderella and her prince were married. He's also hella smart. Just look at how he motions to Bruno when Cinderella needs help.

8. Angus (Brave)


Angus is Merida's faithful Scottish Shire horse. He's large, powerful, and is basically her best friend. Angus can be a little timid at times, but is easily coaxed by Merida.

6. Pegasus (Hercules)

Pegasus may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but who cares? He can fucking fly! Unfortunately his bird brain has some consequences, like the fact that he can be easily distracted by long blonde hair and pink skin. What he's lacking in intelligence though, he makes up for with his bravery.


5. Samson (Sleeping Beauty)


Samson pretty much set the stage for all of these other bitches to follow. Although he wasn't Disney's first animated horse, he was the first horse that portrayed the lovable but stubborn companion personality.

4. Sven (Frozen)


OK, technically Sven is a reindeer. But since I made exceptions for zebras and unicorns, I couldn't not include Sven on this list. He's a loyal companion to Kristoff and pretty much behaves like a horse. More importantly though, he's got strong morals. He's frequently encouraging Kristoff to do the right thing, and that deserves some recognition!

3. Khan (Mulan)


Probably Disney's bravest horse. We see Khan run into an avalanche on his own free will in order to save his master. He's also got almost human like intelligence. Look at him literally rolling on the floor laughing!

2. Frou-Frou (The Aristocats)


She's more than just a pretty steed. During the movie the cat-napper confesses his crime to Frou-Frou, which pretty much leads to the kittens being saved. This old girl definitely deserves a top spot on this list, if not for that fabulous flower hat alone. 🌸

1. Maximus (Tangled)


Obviously. How could I not put Maximus in the number one spot? When it comes to Disney horses, Maximus is the clear winner. He's dedicated, fearless, and full of personality. Plus, he's even skilled with a sword.


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