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13 Disney Characters Who Were Absolute Winos

Wine and cheese party, anyone?

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Jafar from Aladdin

Although we don't see Jafar drinking, we do see Princess Jasmine throw red wine (that happened to be chilling nearby) into his face.

So it's easy to come to the conclusion that Jafar is the kind of guy who would unwind with some wine after a hard day of terrorizing Agrabah.


These three guys (also from Pocahontas)

They may be using beer glasses, but it's definitely red liquid coming out of that barrel!

You might be thinking, "Oh. it could be grape juice." But let me ask you, since when does regular grape juice put you in the mood to use a mop as a wig?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Girlfriend has two glasses with her meal, and who can blame her? She's on a date with a beast.

Some might argue a little wine with dinner doesn't make one a "wino." Well, rewind to Be Our Guest... Notice anything odd?