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    41 Things To Freshen Up Your Cold Weather Wardrobe

    Time to bundle up, beautiful.

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    1. A faux fur headband that'll look incredibly fancy and feel super warm. It's perfect for bad hair days, snow days, and any days when you just want to look more bougie than normal.

    2. Water-resistant, belt-wrapped boots made with faux suede to keep your feet nice and bundled when it gets cold out and you have to actually leave your warm lair.

    3. A boxy cropped cardigan to throw on over any outfit to simultaneously make it look more chill *and* more put-together. Miraculous!

    4. A skull cardigan for anyone with a cold, icy heart who still wants to stay toasty warm.

    5. A hooded winter coat that's so fluffy and detailed, you just might be able to hibernate in the thing this winter. It features a fleece interior, a drawstring hood, and six zippered pockets. It also has sides that unzip to give you extra breathing room!

    6. Touch screen leather gloves lined with a cashmere blend so you not only feel like you're living the life of luxury, but can *tweet* about your gorgeous gloves even while they're on your hands.

    7. Buckled loafers with green and red details to give Gucci looks without spending that Gucci price. The shoes have cushioned leather insoles and a super low square heel to keep your feet feeling as good as they look.

    8. A lightweight hooded puffer jacket that'll be quick to slip on and match well with basically everything in your closet. You can also travel with it easily since it folds up and fits in the small pouch bag that comes with it.

    9. Thick winter wool socks to keep the cold away from your feet. They're great for wearing with boots for a snug fit but they're also good for just kicking it around the house.

    10. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings that'll up your winter leggings-as-pants game by about 500%.

    11. A pleated A-line skirt with a metallic finish that'll be your go-to whenever you want to look elegant and chic. You're going to look so cute stepping through your city with ankle boots and this pretty statement skirt.

    12. A cropped sweater with balloon sleeves for tossing on whenever you need to rock a comfy little-bit-more-than-a-basic basic.

    13. Cozy joggers that'll feel so good, you won't want to leave the house but when you ~do~ leave the house, you'll still look relaxed yet put together.

    14. A set of cat socks now that your sandals are put away and you'll be wearing socks with almost every single outfit. These are going to look so purr-ty on your feet! You'll get five pairs to switch in and out of.

    15. A Dots candy-inspired pom-pom sweater because what better way to ~sweeten~ up your wardrobe than with a playful movie theater candy design?

    16. A body-hugging velvet cocktail dress that'll give everyone at your office holiday party a run for their money. And by that I mean they'll be rifling through their things for their credit card to get this beauty for themselves.

    17. A dinosaur pullover so you never have to fully grow out of your 2005 *~rawr, XD~* energy. That person is still in all of us, we're just wearing cute grown-up sweaters now.

    18. High-waist opaque leggings that'll make you want to wear ONLY leggings all season long. Are you ready to live a pants-less life? Because I'm DEF down to denounce pants for the rest of mine.

    19. A Champion sweatshirt for when you want to look casual and relaxed yet Instapic-ready at all times. It's just thick enough to layer other open-front sweaters and jackets on top of it.

    20. Boyfriend jeans that are absolutely perfect for winter — mended rips give you that chic, distressed look but don't subject your knees to cold wind!

    21. A bright striped knit sweater so you can splash your winter wardrobe with vibrant colors.

    22. A knit cocktail dress, because winter doesn't have to mean hibernation. Hitting the club in a dress that is also a sweater is 100% an option.

    23. A bright faux fur coat for anyone who's looking to stand out in a sea of black outerwear. Not to mention it has huge pockets that will actually fit things!

    24. A fleece sweatshirt that'll give you an all-day bear hug with its fuzzy, cuddly material.

    25. A faux fur LED light-up jacket that'll certainly steal the spotlight at the holiday parties you hit up this season.

    26. A polka-dot sweater that's for sure gonna earn a ~spot~ among your favorite winter 'fits.

    27. An embroidered dickey so you can throw a cute collar on any top, anytime you want. This is a statement piece that literally everyone will be chirping about.

    28. Anklet booties that are going to def command attention when you're out and about. They'll be easy to dress up and down with knit dresses, jeans, cropped slacks, and whatever else you've got in your fall style arsenal.

    29. Satin wide-legged pants with a single super deep pleat on each pant leg that will DEF take your whole fall style to the next level. You can wear this cutie with a tucked plain white tee or a festive sweater. This is gonna be the pair of pants you'll want to dip into over and over again.

    30. A teddy bear coat you won't be able to ~bear~ not wearing every few days. Its cuddly texture makes it look as warm as it feels.

    31. A velvet crossbody bag that'll turn plenty of heads — primarily because it's a sure-fire dupe for the version by Prada. Go ahead and be ~prada~ yourself for not blowing rent money on a bag and getting this gorgeous dupe for under $60. You're welcome!

    32. A bejeweled faux mink stole so you can transform into a sentient, impeccably dressed snowflake in an instant.

    33. A corseted hoodie from the Sofia Richie x Missguided collection because why not bring a lil' sexy to the athleisure trend this season? This sweater is gonna be a sultry yet subtle addition to your closet.

    34. Platform wedge sneakers that'll give you the elevation of heels and the street style edge of sneakers. These casual wedges will match so easily with your different jeans, jackets, and sweaters.

    35. An asymmetrical cowl neck sweater for days when you really can't be bothered to try but want to look nice and feel warm.

    36. A collared dress so you can freak out your family during Thanksgiving festivities with all of your ~spooky vibes~.

    37. A turtleneck sweater dress that'll look good no matter how you style it.

    38. High-rise wide-legged jeans for when you feel like being super on-trend *and* want to sneakily and comfortably wear leggings or long underwear under your pants for maximum warmth. They'll never know...

    39. A Simpsons Light-Up Christmas Sweater that'll definitely lose the Ugly Christmas Sweater contests this year because you'll be winning best (and most brightly) dressed instead. This is DEF going to bring fun ~and~ holiday cheer to your wardrobe.

    40. A western teddy jacket for adding your own yeehaw flair to the shearling look everyone's rocking these days.

    41. A faux leather midi skirt you can easily style to wear to the office, apple picking, or out on the town. Wherever you are, you're basically guaranteed to be the best dressed.

    Remember, just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't be ~fashion~!

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