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20 Cooler Than Cool Things You May Aim To Gift But End Up Keeping

Might be the candle set with a special playlist or the wine + book club sitch for you. 😍

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Ready for the Buy Black pop-up shop to return for IRL fun in NYC? So are we! It's usually hosted by BuzzFeed's BIO (Black Identity & Opportunity) employee resource group. And if you hadn't heard of it before, just know it's a real good time. Pandemic-considering though, it's not happening in person this year babies. But, don't worry!

You're invited to virtually shop with us! Let's kick it off with some of the dopest products from the brands we've loved year after year at the pop-up shop. You ready?

1. A stunning gold ring from Ben Öni that you'll def wanna wear on a ~loop~.

close-up of a model wearing a ring that has two gold loops that are interlocked with each other

2. Alexandra Winbush's experiential candle sets to get you right if you love good vibes in your space. These aren't regular candles; they're cool candles that come with tea and a curated playlist in the package. If you can already hear the R&B record jamming and smell the candle burning, then same baby.

3. Delicious marinades from Kurated By Kenya to bring some brand new flava to ya meals. (If you heard that in Craig Mack's voice, then *chef's kiss*)

three jars of marinade made of glass with smooth wooden tops

4. A pre-curated gift box or a single gift (like this deck of cards you can have B.I.G. fun with) from Bifties. This shop is THE ONE if you've got a gift-giving spirit (even if the gifts are typically for yourself 😝). You'll also have the option to hand-curate your own gift boxes to give to your loved ones based on the variety of products offered on the site.

5. A Comfort bath bomb from the Lineage Skin & Hair Studio to encourage you to max and relax just a little longer when you're in the bath taking time for you.

white bath bomb beside the box

6. Visionary Society's Revolution hoodie because oh yes, it's time you splurged on some luxe casual wear that looks warm enough to cozy up in at home but also has a design dope enough to elevate your street style when you're out.

7. A bottle of Black Girl Magic Rosé from the McBride Sisters Collection that'll pair well with whatever you're eating in whatever season. Translation: You'll wanna enjoy wine o'clock as soon as it arrives.

BuzzFeed editor Kayla Boyd's hand holding a bottle of the wine

8. A double quartz ring from 84 Gem that's honestly so beautiful that I'mma need you to buy me one too so we can be ring twins. Bet? Ok, thank you frienddddd! 😘😂

9. Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliators that'll help dry brush your skin, exfoliate it with body wash, and remove ingrown hairs. Aye, it just might schedule your esthetician appointments too but don't quote me on that part, babe.

the luv scrub in pink and black

10. Suga Shea Butter from Natural Ash to keep your skin smooth, moisturized, and smelling like somebody's wildest dream. 😍

11. A Literary Ancestors planter to celebrate the most prolific writers in history. (Pssst... this'll ~plant~ a seed in your head to revisit your favorite title by these legends.)

a black planter with the first names listed out in white. from top to bottom, the names are: james, ralph, Langston, Richard, ta-nehisi, and august.

12. A Hello Kitty tote from Adorned By Chi that'll be as cute on your shoulder as your years-long obsession with the most adorable feline on the planet. (Don't argue with me. Go argue with Aristocats because it's really not even close.)

13. A hand-embroidered Queenin' T-shirt from Create The Culture so you'll step out crowned up even when you're dressed down.

model wearing a t-shirt with a gold embroidered crown over a face just showing eyes and very fleeky eyebrows

14. The Motherland Plug's Gourd Calabash planter bowls (yup, it's a planter AND a bowl; use it how you want) for anyone determined to bring some gorgeous texture to their space.

15. The Rhyme Antics game — so all the people in the place with style and grace (and rap skills!) can flex their word nerd muscles right quick. Each player must come up with words that rhyme with the main word on each card — all set to a timer of course.

the game box

16. Nail lacquers by 9th & Maxwell so you can keep a fresh mani in dreamy colors that are also 10-free (aka, nontoxic) AND give back with your purchase. A percentage of each polish sale will go toward scholarships for minority youth and grants for aspiring entrepreneurs. 💅🏿

17. Reuseable hot or cold rice packs from Beloved Packs to bring comfort to pained or tense areas on your body that could use more TLC.

two hands holding the pack which has a blue floral case and is shaped like a rectangle

18. Hand-blended unisex perfume from Savoir Faire that'll have you (and whoever's blessed enough to enjoy your presence) savoring your scent for literal hours.

model's hand holding a box of three skinny perfume tubes

19. A bright and bold shower curtain from Soap Box Theory to bring some ~peace~ and style to your bathroom.

curtain with a dark person's profile silhouette with flowers on their head and a single bamboo earring in their ear that says "peace" in the middle

20. A lip gloss from 2 4 1 Cosmetics to keep those lips shiny, gorgeous, and most importantly: HYDRATED!

pink lip gloss tube

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Pssst... BIO x Cocoa Butter created a video highlighting the first six brands in this list so you can get to know the owners and the passion behind their products. Get into it!

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