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    31 Amazing Gifts From Black-Owned Businesses

    To give or to give yourself? #23 makes that choice especially hard. 😭🎁

    1. Festive Santa sweatshirts for the folks in your life who lovvvve themselves some Christmas, and love cozying up in comfy clothes even more.

    2. Vegan disinfectant toilet tablets for the neat freaks who live to clean their home from top to bottom. They'll be so happy you gave them something they can use and that'll support their favorite pastime. (Hi Mom! Yes, I'll be getting these for you, too.)

    small white tablets shaped like snowballs

    3. A Red Bay coffee beans set for anyone who knows that a cup of fresh joe is pretty much the best way to start anything.

    4. Zach & Zoë Creamed wildflower honey produced on a family honey bee farm with all-natural processes to sweeten up foods and drinks with no worries. This'll be a literal sweet gift for anyone who loves drinking tea, coffee, or honey-drizzled foods.

    a jar of honey

    5. A holiday gift bag set so your loved ones feel the melanin adoration before they even open their gift.

    6. A Footnanny Footcare kit because no need to ~tip-toe~ around the issue: Feet deserve the extra TLC. So, here's a three-step system that'll help 'em keep their stompers in tip-top shape.

    the footnanny kit

    7. Self-tie headbands that'll make perfect stocking stuffers. Plus, they're super cute and will likely be a gift that the recipient will use over and over again.

    8. A pair of truffle-based sauces (black truffle *ranch* and *Sriracha*) to drizzle on just about everything that's belly-bound. This'll be the memorable gift for anyone who loves cooking, eating, or BOTH.

    The two squeeze bottles of sauce in a Black and gold gift box

    9. DIY cocktail (or mocktail!) kits for anyone who's missed the fun — and deliciousness — of an expertly crafted bar drink this year. You can treat them to their favorite classics like margaritas and Moscow mules OR give 'em something for the season like Cranberry Sauce or Apple Pie cocktails. 👅🍸🍹

    10. Twelve AM Co. furry slippers to give their staycation shoe game a luxe, fluffy update.

    model wearing the faux fur slippers in tan

    11. A Pineapple & Papaya Exfoliating Mask that'll be perfect to gift a seasoned skincare enthusiast yet it's gentle enough for a skincare newbie. (Pssst. This is YOUR chance to be a total snob about folks using a physical exfoliator since this is a chemical one. Check 'em boo!)

    12. A Black History tote bag for anyone who knows Black History matters 24/7/365. The bag features a Civil Rights-inspired button design, including the faces and words of icons like Martin Luther King Jr., Angela Davis, Malcolm X, and more. This'll have 'em set up nice for Black History Month 2021, btw.

    Tote in black

    13. A Mented Cosmetics lipstick set because 'tis the season for richly-pigmented colors that'll also keep puckers from drying out in cool weather. Moisturized, buttery lips, here they come!

    14. A Mielle Organics Holiday Curl Kit that — trust me — the naturalista in your life will be happy to receive and add to the ever-growing product selection in their bathroom.

    the natural hair kit

    15. A science-themed eyeshadow palette called "Sodium Fine" (get it?! 🤣🧪🔬) for beauty lovers who'll always be down to ~experiment~ with fun colors.

    16. A CurlMix four-step wash-and-go hair system that'll provide a start-to-finish process for keeping those curls popping and thoroughly moisturized.

    The lavender moisturizing formula

    17. A Pat McGrath mini-lipstick set because, yes, every lipstick fanatic deserves a luxe pout from the makeup icon herself! These lippies will give the perf pop of color AND baby they won't budge.

    three lipsticks from the brand which are pink, mauve, and red. They come in a gold package.

    18. Personalized animated backpacks that'll surely make any kid smile when they pull their stuff out of it each day — especially if you grab one that matches whatever profession the kid is dreaming of being these days.

    19. Grace Eleyae satin-lined beanies to keep their head cozy and hair protected. They'll also come with a drawstring inside to help 'em get that perfect fit.

    20. A bedazzled "Ugly Christmas Sweater" by the d.bleu.dazzled brand, for the person you know who lives for a sparkly style moment. The glitzy top is available in a full winter holiday collection!

    The tights with silver stars on legs

    21. A simple tote so while they carry nearly their whole life on their shoulders, they'll also be reminded of the shoulders we all stand on with affirmative quotes from powerful Black women from the past and present including Oprah, Maya Angelou, and Toni Morrison.

    22. Etched stackable rings by linguaNigra to give them a simple standout accessory they'll want to find extra reasons to wave "hi" and "bye" to show off. They're made with sterling silver and plated with 22-karat gold.

    The stackable rings on hand

    23. A cozy fleece-lined hoodie but not just any hoodie — one with satin lining in the hood so it'll minimize hair damage that often comes with abrasive fabrics like cotton and polyester.

    24. Gold-plated freshwater pearl huggie earrings worth tossing into a few stockings (including your own!) this season. Come through, baroque pearls!

    The three pairs of earrings: gold studs with dangling baroque pearls, gold open hoops with dangling small round pearls, and baroque pearl open hoops

    25. An E Marie blanket set to give yourself the cuddliest, coziest chilling experience. It'll come with the rib-knit blanket and eye mask. Oh, what's that I hear? Relaxation calling? Brb.

    26. Stunning Africa-shaped resin coasters in a multitude of colors that'll make beautiful statement pieces in your home.

    two black coasters shaped like Africa with gold trim with a glass of an iced beverage

    27. Bright wall art that'll bring a blend of vintage-style photos of their favorite people with backgrounds bursting with color. You could even order a custom print with a photo of THEM or their special loved one paired with a bold backdrop.

    28. A Literary Ancestors planter to celebrate the most prolific writers in history. (Pssst... this'll also maybe ~plant~ a seed in their head to revisit their favorite title by these legends.)

    a black planter with the first names listed out in white. from top to bottom, the names are: james, ralph, Langston, Richard, ta-nehisi, and august.

    29. Black authors' books from Bookshop since a percentage of your purchase will go toward helping local bookstores thrive in business. Helping them get their read on AND the greater good is mos def a lovely holiday gift. Remember, supporting Black authors IS supporting a Black-owned biz. They're self-employed entrepreneurs just like the folks who have online or in-person storefronts. 📚👌🏿

    30. A science-themed jigsaw puzzle to encourage the kid in your life who adores everything about experimenting with strange concoctions. At least with this puzzle, there'll be less of a mess for you to clean up after them.

    the puzzle put  together with a little boy pouring a concoction into a beaker. He's wearing a white lab coat and protective goggles. one piece is missing from the puzzle and sitting right beside it.

    31. The Brilliant or BS card game for anyone in your life who lives for a good game night at the house. This'll be an easy game since knowing the *actual* trivia answers isn't the point of it exactly. It'll have players questioning their judgment, their friends' and fam's knowledge, and maybe doing a lil' bit of lying 🥴😂.

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