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    27 Comics About Cats That Are Too Real

    Soft and pure and a little bit evil.

    1. Having a cat can be frustrating at times.

    2. They don't seem to function on the same schedule as you.

    3. No matter how you try to please them, they have their own ideas.

    4. Ideas that can be a little inconvenient for you.

    5. But they also inspire you to embrace the luxurious cat lifestyle.

    6. Encouraging you to spend more time relaxing.

    7. Forcing you to enjoy what you've got.

    8. They shower you with love and affection.

    9. They help you value the power of imagination.

    10. And sing delightful songs for all to hear.

    11. Cats are animals of exquisite taste.

    12. They lead a very curated lifestyle.

    13. With a refined and familiar preference in food.

    14. Cats have incredible powers of perception.

    15. They are impressively agile.

    16. With the instincts of a warrior.

    17. They have a strong constitution.

    18. And come with that well-maintained, pristine coat.

    19. They bless all who cross their path.

    20. There is truly nothing quite like being deemed worthy by a cat.

    21. At times, their indecisiveness can get to you.

    22. And your wardrobe may take a bit of a toll.

    23. But there's something about them that makes them pure and forgivable.

    24. It can be hard to live without them once you've had them in your life.

    25. Cats can bring joy to any occasion.

    26. They provide comfort during dark times.

    27. They're the perfect cure for a bad day.

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