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    I'm Just Sitting Here Admiring Maisie Williams And Her Boyfriend's Matching Makeup

    Find someone who can commit the way Maisie and Reuben do to style.

    If Maisie Williams and her boyfriend Reuben Selby aren't already on your celebrity couple radar, prepare to become obsessed.

    Pierre Suu / Getty Images

    Maisie has been making more and more appearances with Reuben over the past nine months, and many of them have been for fashion events — which makes sense, given that Reuben is the co-founder of the modeling agency, Contact Agency.

    Honestly, their mutual love of fashion is contagious. At this past Emmys, they collaborated together with designer JW Anderson on the stunning look Maisie wore to the awards show.

    Dan MacMedan / WireImage / Getty Images

    Reuben sketched out an idea for Maisie, which was inspired by her height, and JW Anderson ended up adding his touch to it and making it. "I asked Reuben if he would design something with me in mind; my height, my shape, my likes and insecurities," Maisie said in a statement after the Emmys. "I love collaborating on the dresses I wear, I wish I could do it more."

    Obviously, it turned out amazing.

    Michael Tran / FilmMagic

    Well, at Paris Fashion Week, Maisie and Reuben took their eye for style to another level. They showed up to Thom Browne's spring/summer 2020 runway show in matching outfits...

    Pierre Suu / Getty Images

    And matching makeup.

    Pierre Suu / Getty Images

    They both wore pink eyeshadow, which they coordinated with their red, white and black outfits.

    Pierre Suu / Getty Images

    They even wore identical mismatched socks and lace-up shoes.

    Christian Vierig / Getty Images

    Their level of commitment is inspiring.

    Christian Vierig / Getty Images

    This isn't the first time they've coordinated looks: The next day, September 30, they both arrived at the Sacai spring/summer 2020 show wearing a similar palette.

    Iconic/GC Images

    And who can forget the time they went one step further and wore matching outfits and matching pink hair to the formal wedding of Maisie's Game of Thrones costar turned BFF Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas?

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