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    Cole Sprouse Just Trolled People Who Photoshop Their Instagram Pics

    And Lili Reinhart was here for it.

    If you've ever spent any time on Instagram, then you've likely scrolled past at least one altered photo. It's not exactly a secret that FaceTune (among other photoshop apps) is a favorite for certain celebrities and influencers.

    FOX / Via Giphy

    In fact, there is even an account dedicated to sharing these photoshopped moments called Celeb Face — but you have to request to join before you can go down that rabbit hole.

    Anyway, Cole Sprouse is definitely aware of this phenomenon and just trolled FaceTune fans in the most hilarious way.

    The Riverdale actor, who happens to be the unofficial king of online roasts, just shaded everyone who's ever used FaceTune or a similar app.

    Sprouse posted a series of clearly photoshopped pictures, including a throwback of him and his brother Dylan.

    But the most dramatic ones were definitely his solo selfies.

    Instagram: @colesprouseupdatesss / Via

    Like the lips here. Just wow.

    Gravity? Sprouse's waist defies it.

    Instagram: @colesprouseupdatesss / Via

    This is 100% more alien than human.

    When Sprouse posted the photos — before deleting them (but they now live on forever thanks to the fan account @colesprouseupdates) — he had an incredible caption to go along with them.

    Instagram: @colesprouseupdatesss / Via

    How does his mind even work?

    Though, no one was more proud of Sprouse's trolling than his on-again, off-again, on-again (?) girlfriend and Riverdale costar Lili Reinhart.

    Instagram: @colesprouseupdatesss / Via

    These two truly excel at the internet.

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