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14 Times Cole Sprouse Hilariously Called Out Shit That's Been Written About Him

"Haha this should be fun."

1. When he found out he lost all his money:

2. When he went off the deep end:

#Welp #WhatDidYouExpect #LookAtTheSoulessEyes

3. When he had strong takes about kisses:

I'm also wearing a plaid train conductor's hat so why the hell are you trusting my 10yo opinion??? #IWasAMess

4. When he did it all for the Webkinz:

I reinforced traditional gender dynamics for the free webkins.

5. When he probably/definitely/maybe graduated from college:

6. When he retweeted this, which explained why he and Dylan were still single:

And to make matters worse, that flyer didn't help our situation at all :(

7. When he worried about the future of his hair:

8. When he gave away the SHOCKING reveal:

9. When he accidentally found out he died:

10. When he was concerned for this Cole Sprouse mannequin:

Step 1: sever head from fucking shoulders.

11. When he took a quiz called "Does Cole Sprouse Thing You're Cool?":

12. When he regretted shit he said in an interview one time:

Do you ever stay up tormented by something you said a long time ago? Lol yeah me neither I was just asking… https://t.co/RYRzLyutkL

13. When his *dating life* was exposed:

14. And, of course, when he explained why no one will hire the Sprouse twins anymore:

Crafty can't support our choco taco gluttony. Wardrobe can't find pants with enough dick room~