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    23 Reasons Why "The Great British Bake Off" Is The Best Show On Netflix

    Paul Hollywood's piercing blue eyes, among other things.

    A new season of The Great British Bake Off (or Great British Baking Show, as it's known in the US) is available on Netflix US. And if you haven't experienced the magic of this show, here are a few reasons why you should.

    And yes, I know that the show will change drastically next season, but this is just another reason to appreciate the good old original Bake Off.

    1. Because, in many ways, it's the most wholesome reality TV show you'll ever see.

    2. For real, everyone is lovely.

    3. But, in many other ways, it's also one of the dirtiest shows on TV.

    4. Like...

    5. ...really...

    6. ... dirty.

    7. The show is also delightfully British.

    8. The candidates are endearing...

    9. And funny.

    10. They're also showed supporting each other rather than stabbing each other in the back, which is nice and refreshing for a competitive show.

    11. Which means that when drama occurs, it's even more enjoyable.

    12. And when it gets emotional, it can be so beautiful and inspiring.

    13. And then, there are the judges: Paul Hollywood, his piercing blue eyes, and unflappable poker face.

    The One with the Hollywood stare #BakeOffFriends #GBBO

    14. And Mary Berry, baking queen and everyone's imaginary grandmother.

    15. (Whose jacket game is always on point.)

    16. Have you ever seen such a perfect pair?

    When you're 10 minutes into trifle and chill and he gives you this look #GBBO

    Sadly, Mary Berry has decided to leave the show since it won't be broadcasted by the BBC anymore. But we'll always have past seasons to appreciate this duo.

    17. Actually there is another iconic pair on Bake Off: Sue and Mel, the hosts of the show.

    18. Their pun game is irresistibly awful.

    They're also leaving the show this season, but let's not think about that.

    19. And then of course, there is the food.

    20. Which will make you both want to stuff your face with cakes and breads...

    21. And to make baking your new hobby.

    22. In other words, this show is perfect.

    23. And if you're not already watching it you are truly missing out.