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The Definitive Ranking Of Mary Berry's Jackets

She's the real showstopper.

25. The timeless pink jacket.

24. The gold sequin number.

23. The royal blue power blazer.

22. The classic hot pink jacket.

21. The summer floral.

20. The winter floral.

This outfit reads, "Yes, this is my 12,357,696th cook book and, yes, I'm still the best in the game."

19. The rose garden realness.

18. The baby pink polka-dot jacket.

17. The botanic blazer.

16. The mint blazer.

15. The dark blue blazer.

14. The jazzy jacket.

13. The blue floral.

12. The canary yellow jacket.

11. The flashy bomber.

10. The gold blazer.

Mary can do it all, but she excels at glamour. Just look at her working her angles.

9. The body warmer.

8. The blue sports jacket.

7. The tartan blazer.

6. The floral dream.

5. The long, elegant jacket.

4. The yellow waterproof.

3. The lilac bomber.

2. The white leather.

1. The bird bomber.