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Bake Off 2016

Bake Off 2016

The BBC Said Goodbye To "Bake Off" In A Devastating Montage

"I've enjoyed every minute" — Mary Berry.

As It's Christmas, Here's 25 Photos Of "Bake Off" James Wearing Woolly Jumpers

Jumpers in Bake Off beat jumpers in The Killing, hands down.

Norman Returned To "Bake Off" And Was Absolutely Splendid

"I don't make cake as a rule. It's usually bread and pies."

Norman Is Actually Back On "Bake Off" For Christmas

Chetna is back, too — AND HOWARD.

Why Are We Risking The Biggest Show On British Television?

The original judges and presenters of The Great British Bake Off are what made the show such a hit. (Winner of most recent series mentioned in this article.)

21 Times Andrew Was The Most Precise Baker On "Bake Off"

"I’ve got to maintain my reputation as a reputable engineer."

Candice's "Bake Off" Speech Made The Whole Of Britain Cry

*SPOILERS* But if you haven't seen a spoiler where have you been?

These Pictures Of Selasi's "Bake Off" Party Will Melt Your Heart

The bakers really are friends for life. Contains spoilers, obviously.

The 31 Best Reactions To The "Bake Off" 2016 Final

It was an emotional rollercoaster. This post contains spoilers for the last Bake Off episode.

Val Returned To "Bake Off" And Said That She Is Going To Ayia Napa

"Omg just when u thought Val couldn't get any more iconic she's literally hitting Napa at the age of 66." This post contains spoilers for the last Bake Off episode.

Jane And Candice From "Bake Off" Are Going On Holiday Together

It was weirdly the most emotional part of the show. (This post contains spoilers).

The 17 Most Inspired Mel And Sue "Bake Off" 2016 Puns

"Bakers, five minutes left on your mighty bouche."

21 Times Candice Was The Absolute Queen Of "Bake Off"

Mel: "Where did you get the orange juice from?" Candice "...the orange?" (This contains spoilers for the last episode of Bake Off.)

29 Of The Funniest And Most Real Tumblr Posts About "Bake Off" 2016

Val: "I've been making this recipe for 40 years." Val: *fucks it up*

The 39 Most Memorable Moments From "Bake Off" 2016

The future of Bake Off may be bleak, but this year was a wonderful series.

21 Of The Best Panicked Faces On "Bake Off" Of All Time

There's been seven series of cake induced breakdowns.

19 Time Andrew Was Pure Joy In The "Bake Off" Tent

The only baker to actually forget to turn the oven on.

24 Times Jane Was The Best Thing About "Bake Off"

Mel: Jane is the Star Baker! Jane:*immediately turns into a tomato*

I Baked Every Technical Challenge From "Bake Off" 2016 And Fucking Hell

How did Selasi not get stressed making these?

34 Of The Funniest Tweets About "Bake Off" 2016

"Find a guy to pine over you the way Selasi pines over bread."

30 BBC "Bake Off" Moments You Will Never Be Able To Forget

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favourite ever moments. If you haven't watched every episode, prepare yourself for a few spoilers.

31 Pictures Of Selasi From “Bake Off” That Might Make You Pregnant

Chilled on the inside, but hot on the outside, like an inside-out baked Alaska.

Selasi Was The Most Chill Selasi In The Latest "Bake Off"

Warning: This post contains spoilers about Bake Off.

Mel And Sue Comforting Others On "Bake Off" Is Why They Are So Special

Sue: "Every second spent crying is a second less showing them how good you are at baking."

19 Times The "Bake Off" Bakers Hung Out Away From The Tent

They just all respect each other so much, as bakers, and as best friends for life.

Selasi Referring To Benjamina As His Sister On "Bake Off" Was Wonderful

Warning: This contains spoilers for the most recent episode.

19 Times Selasi On "Bake Off" Was The Most Chilled Man In The UK

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the most recent episode.

The Bakers Helping Each Other Continues To Be The Best Thing About "Bake Off"

You only see it for a few seconds, but the feeling is wonderful.

Can You Match "The Great British Bake Off" Showstopper To Their Baker?

"You've got two hours to pop Mary's cherry in the oven, and bring it out again"

Yes, Jane Was Wearing A Fake Moustache In The Background Of "Bake Off"

This post contains spoilers for this week's Bake Off, obviously.

Anna Kendrick Had An Unexpected Take On All That "Bake Off" Drama

"I'm very sad, but it's also great that it immediately turned Mel & Sue into folk heroes," she said on The Graham Norton Show.

Can We Talk About The Chemistry Between Benjamina And Selasi On "Bake Off" For A Second?

Two of the best people together in the tent = pure magic.

There Will Still Be Two BBC "Bake Off" Christmas Specials With Mel And Sue, Paul Hollywood, And Mary Berry

BuzzFeed News has learned that the two episodes have already been commissioned and filmed, so will not be affected by the move to Channel 4.

Here's Some Shows Mary Berry Can Host After "Bake Off"

Pretty much every show on the BBC tbh.

24 Times Mary Berry Made "Bake Off" The Greatest TV Show In Britain

She is so integral to the success of the show and will be missed so damn much.

21 Extremely Relatable Posts About Selasi From "Bake Off"

Next time I'm stressed I'm going to ask myself, "What would Selasi do?"

Mary Berry Has Left "Bake Off" And Britain Has A Lot To Say

But Paul Hollywood's signed a three-year deal with Channel 4.

Mary Berry Has Quit "Bake Off", But Paul Hollywood Is Joining Channel 4

Mary Berry said: "My decision to stay with the BBC is out of loyalty to them, as they have nurtured me, and the show, that was a unique and brilliant format from day one."

Val's Speech During "Bake Off" Is Unexpected And Wonderful

Her passion and dedication are an inspiration. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

Just 22 Wonderful Photos Of Andrew's Face On "Bake Off"

An excellent baker, a lovely man and the best face.

What Is Your Favourite Memory Of The BBC's Version Of "Bake Off?"

The show is destined to go to another channel, which makes you wonder whether it'll be ever as good again. So before it does, what is your favourite moment?

Val On "Bake Off" Proves You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

You should never give up on your dreams.

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