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27 Of Mel And Sue's Dirtiest "Bake Off" Innuendos Ever

There's only 490 minutes left of original line-up Bake Off left. What are we going to do?

1. When Mel didn't even try to make it look natural.

2. And Sue had absolutely no shame.

3. When Sue was obviously loving it.

4. Whenever the bakers did anything involving nuts.

5. When they said anything and it sounded a bit dirty just because they said it.

6. When they just stated the facts, but it was undeniably naughty.

7. When Sue pointed out the obvious about these boob shaped cakes

8. When they never missed an opportunity.

9. When Mel lent a totally innocent helping hand.

10. When the challenges just kept working in their favour.

11. When the whole cream horn episode was just one big innuendo.

12. When the bakers had to make spotted dick and Mel and Sue didn't even have to try.

13. When not even sacred Mary Berry was safe.

14. Whenever they desperately wanted to try everything.

15. When Mel miraculously managed to keep a straight face.

16. When Mary and Paul put up with whatever nicknames they gave them.

17. Whenever they replaced the word "upright" with the word "erect".

18. When Mel couldn't just call bread rolls bread rolls.

19. When Sue said this, and it's hard to know how this was ever relevant to baking.

20. When they didn't care about being creepy anymore.

21. When Mel handed out some sage life advice.

22. When Sue made the classic tart joke, and then ran with it.

23. When even Sue started to question if Mel had gone too far.

24. When Mel didn't bother make an innuendo and just made a sexual reference instead.

25. When even words they couldn't pronounce became innuendos.

26. When Sue made muffin trays the dirtiest sounding piece of baking equipment.

27. Whenever they just couldn't help that there's a large overlap between words used to describe cake, and words used to describe sex.