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    Many People Want To Be Alone With Tamal From "Bake Off" Right Now

    "Tamal puts the 'bae' in The Great British Bake Off."

    So there's this guy called Tamal on Bake Off.

    Love Productions / BBC

    You might have noticed him (you have totally noticed him).

    When he's onscreen viewers are like this.

    When will Tamal just frick me in every crevice of my cake-loving being

    There is a lot of Tamal thirst right now.

    Love Productions / BBC

    Mary's face when Tamal said Bread-cycle was just one of pure joy and bread induced ecstasy. #GBBO

    "Bread induced ecstasy."

    And as this is a show where innuendo is rife, many people are dropping Tamal-based sexual innuendo whenever he's onscreen. Like when he made this box.

    Love Productions / BBC
    Love Productions / BBC

    Tamal can assemble my biscuit box and pipe his icing on it 😎 #GBBO

    It was the same when he made some biscotti.

    BBC / Love Productions
    BBC / Love Productions

    I would love to dip Tamal's biscotti into my cup. #GBBO

    can tamal please show me his hard biscuit

    In fact during bread week it was just insane.

    Love Productions / BBC

    I'd like to see Tamal's baguette slop out as it rises etc etc #gbbo

    I'd lay my hands on Tamal's baguette #gbbo

    It's pretty weird and ever so British.

    I'd like to see Tamal's filling pouring out #GBBO

    I would like to declare my love for Tamal. He's so beautiful. Beautiful like bread. Bake me bread, Tamal, you crusty temptress. #gbbo

    "Bake me bread, Tamal."

    And when he drops some innuendo unintentionally.

    Love Productions / BBC

    His fans just get more and more intense.

    "They've come out massive" - I BET they have, Tamal. #GBBO

    "Ooooh he's a nice kid. I wouldn't mind you bringing him home" Mom on Tamal. NEITHER WOULD I ELAINE, NEITHER WOULD I #GBBO

    Sometimes it's not even him dropping the innuendo, but Mel doing the voiceover.

    BBC / Love Productions

    'Tamal is well versed in the art of injecting' IS HE INDEED #GBBO

    God only knows how everyone reacted when he pretended to eat some goat's cheese and it turned incredibly sexual for some reason.

    Love Productions / BBC

    In short...

    Tamal puts the 'bae' in Great British Bake Off. #GBBO

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