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    Another Week, Another Drop Of Massively Discounted Products For Amazon's Mid-Year Sales

    Just try to get through this list without buying something.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Take 49% off the FOREO Luna 2, which removes 99.5% off dirt, makeup residue, dead skin cells and blackheads, for a squeaky clean face.


    RRP $279 / Buy it now for $141.57.

    This small, body-safe silicone beauty tool promises to give infinitely smoother and firmer skin after just three days. Simply use the brush as part of your cleansing routine, for two minutes only, and the fine bristles will painlessly work away imperfections. Plus, a single charge lasts for up to 450 uses, saving you time.

    2. Take 51% off this George Foreman electric grill, which makes cleaning easy with its dishwasher safe, removable plates.


    RRP $99.95 / Buy it now for $48.70.

    Ideal for apartment dwellers with limited space, this kitchen appliance will effortlessly grill your veggies and meat (on a surface three times more durable than the standard non-stick coating, no less), then stow away without taking up much space. Wary of the cleaning aftermath? Its plates are removable and suitable for dishwashers.

    3. Take 62% off this five-piece Scanpan Impact Cookware set β€” because you know its time to replace that cheap set with scratched anti-stick surfaces.


    RRP $665 / Buy it now for $249.95.

    Designed in Denmark and constructed from the highest quality steel, this five-piece cookware set is all you need to feed your household, no matter the dish. Thick bonded bases mean even heat distribution and tempered glass lids allow for easy viewing β€” without having to allow heat or steam to escape. It's so good, this product comes with a 10 year warranty against defects.

    4. Take up to 70% off this lightly padded, everyday Calvin Klein bra β€” perfect for when we eventually emerge from lockdown and feel we must wear bras again.

    @calvinklein / Via

    RRP $89.95 / Buy it for $27.01+ (available in sizes 10B-14D and three colours).

    Should you prefer a bra that offers a bit more shape and support β€” but still keeps a natural silhouette β€” this lightly padded, demi-cup bra from Calvin Klein is a gorgeous solution. Fully-adjustable straps (wear over shoulders or across the back) mean it can be adapted for every outfit and its wire-free design allows for day-long comfort.

    5. Take 57% off the Safety 1st Nook Stroller β€” because new parenthood is expensive enough, so get one of the big-ticket items discounted here.


    RRP $349 / Buy it now for $149.99.

    This lightweight stroller only weighs 6.5kg β€” take it from someone who spent the better part of the last decade lifting strollers in and out of the car, this is essential. Its multiple position recline allows you to transport bubs whether they are awake or sleeping β€” and a canopy with UPF50+ sun protection and mesh vent can ease your mind about the Aussie sun getting to your little one. Throw in a large shopping basket and the ability to fold with one hand β€” I'm officially jealous I didn't have this when my kids were babies.

    6. Take 60% off these noise-cancelling Samsung headphones β€” ideal now that you're working from home and having to drown out the sound of your neighbours' music.


    RRP $499 / Buy them now for $199.

    These wireless headphones are fitted with memory foam ear cushions, perfect for day-long use. Filter out some or all background noise (making those video conference meetings much easier to participate in) and don't worry about losing audio halfway through, thanks to a 20-hour battery life.

    7. Take 30% off the Instant Pot pressure cooker β€” the answer to every cooking novice's prayers.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    RRP $189+ / Buy it now from $131.90+.

    I was fully prepared not to be impressed by the Instant Pot. I can not stress how tedious I find the act of cooking β€” but even after my very first experience, I can wholeheartedly advocate its use for the culinary-challenged or time-poor among us. A 7-in-1 appliance β€” yes, seven β€” you're able to do all the things with just a single appliance, saving storage space, washing up time and (as I was particularly curious to find out) master all the cooking techniques.

    Read more about my experience cooking with the Instant Pot here.

    8. This Fitbit Versa, which can go FOUR DAYS without a charge.

    @fitbit / @piggyrichelle / Via

    RRP $249.95 / Buy now for $179 (available in four colours).

    If, like me, you're planning for a healthier you this decade, this Fitbit Versa could be the thing for you. It's the lightest Fitbit yet β€” plus, it's water resistant (can use in the pool!), accommodates wallet-free payments, GPS, sleep and period tracking, call and calendar alerts and all the fitness tracking for which the brand first became famous.

    9. Take 38% off the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) β€” the virtual assistant you never thought you could ever afford (but now, totally can).


    RRP $79 / Buy it now for $49.

    Yes, you can ask your smart speaker to play music. But you can also ask Alexa just about anything and make announcements to any room in your home with an Echo. From controlling lights, setting alarms, managing calendars; to making to-do lists and planning your day with weather and traffic updates, this little device does it all. Plus, you can video call people with just a voice command. The robots are taking over and I, for one, welcome the new era.

    10. Take 17% off these two air purifiers β€” which you really should invest in, considering how much time we're all spending in lockdown.


    RRP $349.89 / Buy two now for $291.67.

    We have an air purifier in every bedroom in our house and I've got to tell you – best decision ever. Its three-stage filter removes ultrafine allergens and particles from the air – and thanks to its pre-filter, the main ones last much longer than your usual lot.

    11. Take 52% off this Philips electric shaver, which will clean up the mess that lockdown has wrecked on your face.


    RRP $59.95 / Buy it now for $29.

    Should you be the kind to go to the barber to shape your facial hair β€” and lockdown has left you with an unkept beard with which you don't know what to do β€” take this as a sign you should do something about it. Fitted with self-sharpening blades(!), this shaver's three heads flex in four different directions, meaning you will get a consistent trim, no matter the curve. Plus, a pop-up trimmer tidies up moustaches and sideburns.

    12. Take 58% off this portable charger, which has over 1,700 five-star reviews.


    RRP $109.95 / Buy it now for $45.99.

    I'm willing to bet you're spending a lot more time on your phone nowadays and as a result, your battery juice runs low real fast. Avoid having to stay anchored to your phone charger with this power bank, which claims to charge compatible devices up to 80% in just 30 minutes β€” up to four times the speed of your average charger!

    13. Take 63% off the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Mattifying Liquid Foundation β€” which comes in 40 different shades.


    RRP $21.95 / Buy it now for $8.23.

    Not only does this brilliant foundation aim to even skin tone (no matter the shade), but it will also match the texture of normal to oily skin. Micro-powders control shine and blurs pores, leaving the wearer with a poreless-looking appearance.

    Read more about this magic liquid (with before and after photos!) here.

    14. And finally, take 28% off this VTech Safe & Sound Video and Audio Baby Monitor, because you're going to be grateful for the ability to soothe your baby via monitor when it's 3 a.m. and you've gotten up twice already.


    RRP $179 / Buy now for $129.

    Before my first pregnancy, I thought a baby monitor with camera and an audio-broadcasting function was a bit, well, much. So young, so naive. My baby was awakened many a night by a creaking bedroom door, all because I had to check in on him in-person and not over a baby monitor.

    This particular model allows for vertical angle adjustment (perfect for when your baby's crib height changes as they age), infrared capabilities and digital zoom. The parent monitor notifies of room temperature and allows for two-way communication. There's even nine soothing sounds and lullabies that can be played from the baby monitor, giving you even more precious zzz's.

    Need more? Get amongst Amazon's Mid-Year Sales here.


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