Taylor Swift Is Among Many Pop Stars Out Here Stealing People's Thunder

    Taylor Swift isn't the only one out here copping the spotlight.

    In a move that cemented her marketing menace, Taylor Swift decided to bring her music catalog back to Spotify and other streaming sites...the same night noted rival Katy Perry's new album Witness dropped (an album full of Swift subliminals).

    taylor swift releasing all of her music on the other streaming platforms the same day as katy perry releases

    @villementality / Via Twitter: @villementality

    But if you are a pop culture fan then you know this move to steal Perry's thunder is par for the course as far as pop star pettiness goes.

    To give some recent examples, let's start in 2013 when J. Cole purposefully released his sophomore album Born Sinner the same day as Kanye West's Yeezus, his long awaited follow up to the iconic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and successfully outsold West!

    Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of our generation.

    J. Cole / Via Twitter: @JColeNC

    Which is exactly why I'm moving my release date up.

    J. Cole / Via Twitter: @JColeNC
    J. Cole / Via Twitter: @JColeNC

    Next we have the gift that kept on giving: Zayn versus his former crew One Direction. Not only did he release his debut album Mind of Mine on the anniversary of his departure from the boy band, but he teases his new song "BeFoUr" and Fader magazine cover just days after Made In The A.M., the band's first album without him, was released.

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    The next year, when Harry Styles finally got his own solo magazine cover, Zayn's girlfriend and model Gigi Hadid posted some of Zayn's magazine covers to steal even more thunder from his bandmates.

    I cant believe gigi thinks that zayn is the only person thats allowed to have a magazine cover like calm down harry… https://t.co/6H3Rb1HrX2

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    And Zayn is not the only One Directioner prone to stealing their bandmate's thunder. Harry Styles just so happened to announce his own solo album the same day Liam Payne announced his son was born.

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    Finally, when Lemonade premiered on HBO on April 23rd of last year, Kim Kardashian decided it would be a good time to post racy pictures of her and husband Kanye West.

    Kim Kardashian West / Via Twitter: @KimKardashian

    Were Kim and Kanye shading the Knowles-Carters on their big night?

    No matter who "wins" in an attention-stealing contest, a lot of times these pop culture icons remain very successful in their own right. Any pop star knows that drama sells, so whether Taylor is stealing Katy's thunder or Katy is stealing Taylor's, music fans can buy-in both ways.