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A Bunch Of People Think Kim Kardashian Was Trying To Steal Beyoncé's "Lemonade" Moment

Why, Kimmy, whyyyyy?

Late Saturday evening, Kim Kardashian, aka the queen of reality TV, posted this photo of her and husband Kanye West fawning over one another.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @KimKardashian

The photo itself is innocent enough, however, Kim posted it literally a minute before Beyoncé's highly anticipated Lemonade was set to premiere.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @KimKardashian

She legit posted it at 8:59.

Fans of Beyoncé didn't take kindly to Kim's latest photo, and they called her out, assuming she was trying to steal Bey's shine.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @CCCASCADE

Folks were livid, to say the least.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @_JukeBoxx

Other fans resorted to name calling while accusing the second eldest Kardashian-Jenner sister of being jealous.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @DeannaMc1
Twitter / Via Twitter: @qsteph

While others pretty much ignored the photo completely.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @RantingOwl
Twitter / Via Twitter: @GeauxGabby

What's more is that Kim continued posting photos throughout the duration of Beyoncé's special.

So it seems like she might have been the only person in America who really didn't care about Beyoncé's new material.

Seriously, the posting was non-stop. Maybe it was all just bad timing?

Who knows, really?

BBC / Via

Either way, the Bey Hive is not happy about this. At all.

  1. What do you all think? Was Kim Kardashian trying to steal Beyoncé's moment?

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What do you all think? Was Kim Kardashian trying to steal Beyoncé's moment?
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    Yes, she definitely was.
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    No, people are overreacting.

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