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    10 Life-Changing Things To Try In November

    Because we tried them for you in October.

    1. A cheap cold brew maker to save anyone who's basically always sipping on a cup of iced coffee *so* much $$$$.

    2. A miracle sponge that never stinks and actually lasts for months and months and months...and, by golly, maybe even a few more months!

    3. A hot air brush perfect for blowout experts as well as anyone who literally has no idea how to do their hair (me, for example).

    4. A lightweight denim jacket to complete all your favorite fall looks in a chef-kisses-fingers fashion.

    5. Sheets for (remarkably!) keeping even the world's hottest sleeper cool at night.

    6. Leak-proof plastic containers that are really and truly the best for packing your lunch in. Just test 'em out for yourself and see!

    7. An adjustable desktop shelf to turn your a cluttered desk into an organized work of art you'll be excited to sit at each day. Well, maybe not *excited*...but more excited than you were before you had the shelf, that's for sure.

    8. A futuristic-looking smart ring that's basically a panic button you wear on your finger.

    9. A towel that'll cut your hair drying time in half — BOOM! — just like that.

    10. An easy-to-use, space-saving popcorn maker for anyone who couldn't possibly watch a movie without some popped kernels to munch away on.

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