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26 Insanely Useful Products All Gardeners Should Own

Everything you need to get a greener thumb.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite gardening products and their suggestions will make you want to head out to your garden ASAP.

1. A hori hori (a knife meant to use in the garden, not at the dinner table).

"A Japanese gardening knife is my absolute must. Weeding, planting, chopping, generally abusing it: this thing does it all. It's always on my belt or in my hand whenever I'm in the garden."


Get one from Amazon for $28.98.


2. A barrel to collect rain to water your garden with.

"Rain is so much better than cold hose water, which is often treated with chlorine and what not."


Get this model with a planter on top for $100.99 at Wayfair or purchase a more traditional model at Amazon for $71.99. You could also just buy this simple appendage that connects to almost any downspout (and direct the rainwater into whatever type of bucket or barrel you wish).

3. Plant labels to help you keep all your sprouts straight.

"I inherited a greenhouse from the previous owners of my house and decided to become a gardener. I am very bad at it. The only reason I know what everything is, is because I'd label every pot as soon as I put a seed in it: very handy when you're attempting to grow several varieties of plants that you've never seen before!"


Get the pretty personalized plant markers from Sophia Victoria Joy on Etsy for $5.08 or pick up some more utilitarian markers on Amazon for $2.16.

4. Durable gloves coated with finger-protecting Nitrile.

"I can't recommend them enough! They're rubberized on the palm & fingers (so no dirt under your nails), but the back is a breathable (so they're not hot). You can't use them to prune your roses, but for most other gardening they're great."


Get a four pack on Amazon for $15.25.

5. A simple spray bottle to help revive parched plants.

Purestock / Getty Images

"Nothing helps perk up my poor wilt-y plants after a dry spell like a deep watering followed by a spritz-y shower to freshen them up. It's like how when you're really hot and dehydrated: you need to drink water, but a cool shower feels damn good too."

—Kaytiann Severen, Facebook

Get one from Amazon for $4.75.


6. A Hula Hoe to make your knees *very* happy.

"Everyone should have a Hula Hoe. It's the perfect tool for quickly weeding without having to be on your knees all day. It works best in larger areas with younger weeds, but you can use it in smaller areas by tilting it to get between plants."

—Erron Kellner, Facebook

Get one on Amazon for $19.30.

7. Fabric pots for gardeners who don't have the space for an *actual* flower (or vegetable) bed.

"Smart Pots are great if you don't have a permanent spot to garden or to use to expand an existing one. There are several sizes to fit any need."


Get your own in a variety of sizes here.

8. A pack of bamboo stakes that you'll end up using in about a dozen different ways.

"Support plants, create fences, stick a bunch of snapped stakes in the ground to deter cats or squirrels, use them as trellises... the list goes on. They're also very affordable and can be reused many times."


Get a pack of 25 on Amazon for $4.55 (or a pack of 200 for $30.23).


12. A folding saw to easily prune trees or bushes.

"The Silky Pocketboy cuts on the pull stroke with crazy sharp teeth that have no trouble with thick branches. I've used it to cut tenacious vines off at the root as well."


Get it from Amazon for $24.36.


17. Irish Spring soap to deter deer, rabbits, and other furry critters from tromping into your garden.

"You take a bar of soap, chop it up, and hang it in a mesh bag near your garden and the scent drives the animals away. It's great because you don't have to use harsh chemicals on your plants and soil. Just make sure you hang it outside of your garden, otherwise when it rains your plants might get a bath!"


Get a twenty pack on Amazon for $17.47.


19. A multipurpose tool that'll help you dig, weed, and trench.

"The ho mi tool has been used for centuries in Asia. It's actually more ergonomic to dig on your knees (or squat) than to kill your back using a shovel or hoe."


Get one from Amazon for $23.97.


The comments for this post have been edited for length and clarity.