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    19 Genius Ways To Use Ikea Products As Your Garden

    Turn your lanterns into "planterns."

    1. Stack up Kardemumma pots to create a modern container garden.

    2. Chop the legs off a Lack side table and turn it into a vertical succulent garden.

    3. Prefer an angular design to a rounded one? Make this Lack vertical succulent garden instead.

    4. Ditch the tea lights and convert your Borrby lantern into a “plantern” for a few succulents.

    5. The Mörkt lantern is also capable of housing a plant instead of a candle.

    6. An Ore shower curtain rod + Fintorp flatware caddies + Bygel hooks = an herb garden for your window.

    7. Create a modern planter using a serving bowl.

    8. Turn a Råskog cart into the prettiest portable herb garden ever.

    9. Dragan boxes are meant to hold goods in your bathroom, but they're equally great at holding plants.

    10. Construct some wooden stands for your Bigarrå pots.

    11. Repurpose a Gemak colander as a hanging garden.

    12. Need a lot of room for planting? Use an Äpplarö storage bench.

    13. If you get tired of an old Ikea lamp, turn the shade into a lovely planter.

    14. Make an outdoor wall o' greenery using Äpplarö wall panels and Socker planters.

    15. Plant some strawberries in the Variera plastic bag dispenser.

    16. Reuse Sinnlig candle holders as homes for your smallest plants.

    17. Display your air plants on a Ribba shelf.

    18. Hang a Vurm rack vertically and it’s perfect for wine, but flip it horizontally and it becomes an excellent wall planter.

    19. And if you're feeling lazy, you can simply turn a Frakta bag into a portable garden.