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    33 Things That'll Make Your Life More Beautiful

    Beauty is usually in the eye of the beholder...unless you're be-holding these objectively beautiful products.

    1. Fenty Beauty's limited-edition lip luminizer trio that'll make your lips sparkle like they were just hit with a fistful of pixie dust.

    2. A pair of diamond glasses sure to have your whisky (or apple juice) shine bright like a diamond.

    3. A pair of wing ear jackets that, in spite of the details, will prove you never ~wing it~ when it comes to choosing bold statement accessories.

    4. A mirror sticker that's gonna remind your reflection you are one stunning son of a gun.

    5. A metalwork jewelry stand — a lovely piece of jewelry storage you're sure to ~stick~ with forever.

    6. Or a trinket dish that'll look ~whaley~ cute on your dresser.

    7. A vinyl and faux leather-trim tote for sneaking snacks into the movie theater in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. This bag is so cool, they're sure to be way more interested in finding out where you got it than finding the gummies you're hiding inside it.

    8. A pack of five pairs of fishnet socks you're gonna be strutting *amps up Canadian accent* abowt in every darn day.

    9. A Pioneer Woman dish set for covering your kitchen table with gorgeous plates before covering those plates with your favorite foods.

    10. A custom illustration, because you are a stunning work of art on the daily – might as well be a stunning work of art literally on top of that.

    11. A 15-piece vegan makeup brush set with handles you're sure to ~marble~ at every time you apply your powders.

    12. A pack of 10 metallic calligraphy markers any artist will know is the write tool to use when making lovely works of art.

    13. A triangle ear climber that's gonna be ~acute~ accessory on any occasion.

    14. A glitzy eyeshadow pallet to give you some serious glam, without a ~shadow~ of a doubt.

    15. A bright red suede belt for the fashion forward fiends who know the world is a little bit brighter thanks to bold accessories.

    16. A pair of sunglasses you're gonna go all heart eyes over.

    17. A geometric peel and stick wallpaper that'll give your home an appeeling accent in the blink of an eye.

    18. Or a palm leaf version for people who want a fresh look tropic-all over their home.

    19. A year-long happiness list to help you achieve the kind of beauty that can't be seen with the naked eye. There's nothing more beautiful than positivity, I'm positive about that!

    20. A dusty rose Olivia Burton wristwatch so gorgeous, it'll basically guarantee you have a lovely time any time you wear it.

    21. A lightweight and flowy chiffon cardigan you can throw on over your sweats to throw off bystanders who would otherwise think your attire is bordering on bland. The nerve!

    22. A box of eight macaron bath bombs for foodies who know even a bath is better with a little something sweet.

    23. A three-piece tree branch hair pin set sure to beautifully keep your hair out of any ~sticky~ situations.

    24. Lustrous LED string lights on pretty copper wire you can use to hang photos, brighten up a dark room, and brighten up life when dreary days could use a little fairy light magic.

    25. A pair of floral shoes that'll have your toes pop pop poppy-ing every time you take a step.

    26. A beef jerky bouquet for those rare occasions when you may have been a ~jerk~ and want to apologize in the prettiest (and tastiest) way possible.

    27. A set of 12 paper plates that'll brighten up any summer barbecue, even after being covered in barbecue sauce.

    28. A reusable nylon shopping bag so you can look chic while shopping with grocer-ease.

    29. A brilliant AeroGarden with a look so sleek, it's gonna give your counter some serious ~herb~ appeal.

    30. Or an indoor grow house for hobby gardeners trapped in a fourth-floor walkup who need a little life in their impressively little apartment.

    31. A sailing ship kite that's gonna make some serious waves when people see it soaring at the park.

    32. A woven throw blanket sure to spruce up your living space the minute you toss it across that spaghetti-stained armchair you love.

    33. And finally, a floral toilet scrubber because with the right products, even cleaning your toilet can be far more pretty than shi... not pretty.

    Me, looking at each and every one of these products:

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