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    31 Products That'll Simply Make Your Day Better

    You rise, these products will shine, and your day will be that much better.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A love language card game – it's gonna be a fun way to get everyday conversations growing from "How was your day?" while teaching you both how best to show your love for each other. If life with your loved one makes things better, this fun game just might make things the best.


    I finally bought this after throwing it into posts for ages. My husband and I took it on a recent camping trip and read through several of the cards while sitting in front of the fire. I've gotta say, couples, it's pretty intense! The conversations we had thanks to this deck were refreshing, honest, and taught us a lot about each other (we've been married almost nine years and it still sparked things we've never talked about before). I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who would like to be closer with their partner!

    Promising review: "I wanted to find some ways to get to know my boyfriend better as I’ve asked every question I could possible think of, LOL. I didn’t look at a single card before we played and it really helped further strengthen our relationship. The different categories make sure you leave no part of your significant other's life unturned! I highly recommend!" —Braxton

    Get it from Amazon for $18.95.

    2. An Always Pan designed with a slippery nonstick surface, a vented top, a steaming basket, and a wooden spoon that hooks onto the handle. Owning kitchen tools that are both beautiful and functional? That'll make EVERY day (and every meal) great.

    pan in olive green on a countertop. the lid is on and the wooden spoon is in place.
    Our Place

    I own this pan and I'm pretty sure I'll never need to own another ever again. The spoon rest is genius, cleaning is a cinch, and it cooks all my ambitious Pinterest attempts perfectly. I'm not the only one who loves it here! Read my BuzzFeed coworker's full review to learn even more about this lovely kitchen staple (#1).

    Promising review: "Absolutely amazing! It is so versatile and easy to clean. It's not overwhelmingly big but it handles one-pot meals like a champ. I am blown away." —Aileen R.

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in nine colors).

    3. A box of white-chocolate espresso cookies you can really and truly have for dinner. You can! Being an adult is pretty ~sweet~ at times.

    Maya's Cookies

    This woman-owned bakery in San Diego is America's #1 Black-owned gourmet vegan cookie company. Not only are these all vegan, but there are also a number of gluten-free options. Some select stores sell Maya's baked goods but if you're not near one — no worries! They deliver nation-wide!

    Get a box of six from Maya's Cookies for $26 (available in seven packaging styles).

    4. A foot balm for nourishing dry, cracked, and callused feet. Walking around with sore tootsies is the worst. Giving your hard-working feet the love and attention they deserve? That's the ~balm~!

    Large twisting bottle with solid balm inside
    Pickle's Potions and Lotions / Etsy

    Owner Kristin Mutchler runs this small business out of Wayne, Maine. And FYI, Hoof Healer was an Editor's Choice winner in the Beauty Shortlist Awards this year!

    Promising review: "I love the packaging! I've been using the product for over a week and the results are stunning! My soles are not as rough or cracked anymore, giving me boosted confidence to show off my feet this summer! Thank you!!" —Alyssa O.

    Get it from Pickle's Potions and Lotions on Etsy for $8.99+ (available in three scents and two sizes).

    5. A personalized candle to get yourself giggling every dang day thanks to your childlike humor and the art of the fart (joke).

    Candle that says "Light when Michael farts"
    Baum Designs / Etsy

    This fun shop is located in Homer Glen, Illinois, and is owned by Shelby Baum, who specializes in personalized gifts.

    Promising review: "I got this as a birthday present for my dad. The label isn’t even my favorite part of this candle — the mahogany teakwood scent is AMAZING! The lid is airtight and the jar itself is great quality, so this’ll get plenty of use once the candle itself is gone. It was much bigger than I was expecting, too!" —Sophia Rokas

    Get it from Baum Designs on Etsy for $25.15 (available in 17 scents and three lid colors).

    6. A meal kit subscription that'll partner you with farmers to provide *genuinely* fresh ingredients (no more digging through sad avocados at the grocery store). Plus, everything is pre-portioned, so you'll get to skip a majority of the most annoying step that comes with cooking...a sink full of dishes.

    Salmon and produce on a marble counter
    Blue Apron

    Meal plans are available for homes of two and four, with the option to have up to four complete recipe kits sent your way (per person) every week. The meals are updated per season, but the selections you can choose from will always have a mix of meat, fish, Beyond Meat, and WW-approved. They even have wine, people! Gimme.

    Get it from Blue Apron for $59.94+/week (available in multiple meal plans).

    7. An unnecessarily lovely bottle of Jot coffee concentrate sure to be a fun addition to any coffee fan's growing bean-and-brew collection. Take it from me, this stuff tastes amazing. It's sure to feel like a luxurious gift to your gullet.


    I am rather certain that there is more Jot than blood in me by this point. After discovering how delicious this stuff is (both the classic and the new Dark flavors) I totally dropped my expensive café habits and have stuck to this for my daily cup of coffee. It has a rich taste, is wildly easy to make (just pour a tablespoon into 8 ounces of your favorite base), and the SEXY bottle even makes the inside of my fridge look nice.

    Get it from Jot for $24.

    8. A mini wave barrette so you can tame your perma cowlick and convince your hair that you are a ~middle part~ person now! No matter how wild a bad hair day is...these clips can fix it.

    Model wearing three wavy barettes

    Chunks is an Asian woman–owned small business crafting kookie and cute hair clips that are *true* works of art.

    "I recently spent what some would consider to be a silly amount of money on hair clips but these bring me such joy (something we all need right now) that I can justify it. I have straight Asian hair but it's quite thick and these clips do a great job of holding it back without ripping out strands every time I remove them." —BuzzFeed Editor Melanie Aman

    Get it from Chunks for $6.75 (available in six styles). 

    9. A King Friday oven mitt that's gonna remind you on dull days that you're totally allowed to play with your food. Mr. Rogers would approve.

    Purple oven mitt with image of puppet King Friday on the front

    Promising review: "I love Fred Rogers and I love using my KING FRIDAY oven mitt. It's excellent quality!" —Jamie

    Get it from Toynk for $14.99.

    10. A walnut bath caddy so you can be sure you have all the essentials by your side during a relaxing bath *and* know it looks as luxurious as it feels.

    An Etsy shop owner's wood caddy
    Redhead Woods / Etsy

    Readhead Woods is a US-based small business owned by Travis Stotz. You can find bath caddies, plant stands, and blanket/towel ladders in the shop. This particular bath caddy is a bestseller and Etsy's pick!

    Promising review: "I am thrilled, my bath caddy is so beautiful and earthy. High-quality wood finish, smooth as silk. GORGEOUS graining and swales in my piece of wood. It is ABSOLUTELY finer than the photos show. I can't wait to take a luxurious bath and have a glass of wine and a candle with music. Aaaahhhhh! THANK YOU! True artisans. Worth the little wait." –Hilary

    Get it from Redhead Woods on Etsy for $113.82+ (available in 19 sizes).

    11. A deck of empowerment cards — they're gonna be worth keeping close. Read these and enjoy an uplifting boost of positivity during extra-stressful parts of your day.

    Four square cards with line drawn minimalist illustrations and affirmation phrases
    Faye Co Papier / Etsy

    This small biz is owned by stationery specialist Faye and located in London.

    Promising review: "These are really lovely! They arrived fast and I was impressed by the good quality of the cards, they’re gorgeous! I also loved the little bag they came in; it was a really thoughtful touch as it can be reused! I would definitely recommend and purchase some more of the products!" —Emily

    Get it from Faye Co Papier on Etsy for $11.36.

    12. A sandalwood candle that'll help you breathe easy if city life is bogging you down and you wish you could be out in nature 24/7.

    Person holding amber glass candle in their hands
    Jen San Home & Body / Etsy

    This Black- and woman-owned company is run by sisters Jennifer and Sandra in Plainfield, New Jersey.

    Promising review: "All of my orders have been perfect! I bought this candle as a gift for a friend and she is thrilled with it. It has a lovely natural scent and burns beautifully." —Vikki Chew

    Get it from Jen San Home & Body on Etsy for $25.

    13. An anxiety journal with useful exercises and prompts you can turn back to time and time again (that's the spiffy thing about journals, isn't it?).

    Cover of journal
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "I bought this for my sister and myself. Anxiety is something you can learn to quell by being more aware of the thoughts and triggers for them and developing ways to cope. This helps a lot!" —pinktiedyelove

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $21.99.

    14. A canopy patio chair to protect your precious skin from the summer sun AND have you lookin' like royalty every time you take a seat. It's just that fancy.

    black cushion chair with matching tasseled canopy held together with bamboo frame

    Promising review: "I love this chair!!! It’s comfortable and easy to assemble. It's bigger than I thought, so super roomy! Looks so good on my patio! It was worth waiting for, as it has been out of stock for a while! It's my new patio throne!" —Princess

    Get it from Target for $375 (available in two colors). 

    15. A heated razor for beard-havers who love a hot-towel facial and deserve to get the closest thing to it (with the closest shave) every day. Plastic razors could never.

    Razor on charging dock beside packaging

    This tiny treasure is waterproof and has multiple heat settings that warm up in seconds. It uses a wireless magnetic charger and it'll last up to six shaves on a full charge.

    Promising review: "I would get razor bumps all the time due to my very sensitive skin. I would hate shaving because of it. But the heat with this razor really helps the blade glide better across my skin and results in no bumps! It is so soothing and warm in the mornings, it's made shaving fun again! The magnetic charging dock is super cool! I love the way it lights up and has the gentle, strobe lighting effect. It's very futuristic-looking. I would definitely recommend this!" —Aftab

    Get it from Gillette for $200.

    16. A collection of three corrosion-resistant knives from Material Kitchen that are RAZOR. SHARP. One look at these knives and your tomatoes are sure to be quaking in their boots. Heirloom salad, anyone?

    Material Kitchen

    This includes The Almost 4” Knife, The Serrated 6” Knife, and The 8” Knife.

    Material Kitchen is an Asian-owned small kitchenware business making professional-grade products that'll make cooking at home so much easier!

    Promising review: "This is our first set of 'adult' kitchen knives. We wanted to ditch the large block of knives and go with a cleaner look. The knives are so beautiful and the block is gorgeous. It's an investment that is well worth every penny." —Stephanie M.

    Get it from Material Kitchen for $155+ (available in three colors, with or without the stand). 

    17. A snazzy S'well water bottle you'll quickly realize is a cult-favorite for a reason! Not only is this utterly lovely, it'll also keep your drinks the *perfect* temperature (whether you want drinks cold all day or refuse to drink anything that's not hot enough to burn your tongue).

    closeup shot of the gold and marble patterned water bottle in a person's hand. it has a stainless steel twist-off lid.
    Luisa Brimble

    Like my summer camp counselors always said, "A hydrated body is a happy body!"

    Promising review: "This is my favorite water bottle! It's been keeping my water at a cool temperature and I can keep track of how many ounces of water I drink a day!" –Alisha J.

    Get it from S'well for $25+ (available in three sizes). 

    18. A Turkish bath towel — it's gonna cover you in luxury after a shower or bath. Throw this fast-absorbing, ultra-soft towel over your shoulders and your old towels will be banished to the dog's bathtime routine.

    Linen Closet U.S. / Etsy

    Owner Ozlem's small business is in New Jersey; they provide customers "authentic, handmade, fair-trade Turkish towels, throws, and blankets."

    Promising review: "These are gorgeous towels! We're thrilled with them. They're super soft, absorbent, large, and cool-looking. They're perfect in our bathroom. Super-fast shipping and kind seller. Highly recommend!" —Hillary Henning

    Get it from Linen Closet U.S. on Etsy for $42.50 (originally $47.22; available in three colors).

    19. A hanging rattan chair with a cradled shape you can snuggle up in when being wrapped up safe and snug while enjoying the breeze in your backyard sounds extra nice.

    curved chair hanging from ceiling. decorated with two pillows and a throw blanket.
    Serena & Lily

    This piece is made with hand-bent rattan and best for outdoor use in places without excessive humidity. Although hardware is not included (as professional installation is recommended) the hanging rope is. The chair holds up to 300 pounds. 

    Get it from Serena & Lily for $498 (available in two colors). 

    20. A quick-dry towel so that dealing with wet hair doesn't dampen your experience after a brilliant bath.

    Small plush towel in cylindrical packaging
    Free People

    This anti-frizz material is capable of absorbing 10 times its weight in water. Wow.

    Promising review: "This is the perfect hair towel. It is magic. The elastic loop that holds it in place? Perfect" —bwehagen

    Get it from Free People for $39 (available in two colors). 

    21. A cabinet hammock — a fun, decorative option that'll delight folks who love having produce ~hanging~ around within eyesight. I can't think of anything that'd convince me to impulse-eat fruits and veggies as well as this cute display!

    Macra-YAY Macrame / Etsy

    Lesli Lenover's shop has all things macramé...even mini plant hangers for your car! The shop is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Promising review: "I was so excited to clear off counter space by getting rid of my fruit bowl. The quality is great, thank you!" —Melinda Myrick

    Get it from Macra-YAY Macrame on Etsy for $30.

    22. A BlackLit Cratejoy subscription to give avid readers the chance to constantly enjoy new novels by Black authors.

    An example of the books and products received in each monthly box

    Each month you'll receive an educator-curated box that includes a brand-new book by an author of color, up to five quality products from Black-owned businesses, and a minimum of five discussion questions that'll help bring thoughtful dialogue into your home.

    Promising review: "Someone gifted me a BlackLit box and I LOVED it! It was well packaged and everything included was great quality. I’m so looking forward to using everything in my box! Also, the box was identity affirming and served as a gentle reminder to celebrate myself and other women of color in my village. I would highly recommend this box as a gift to yourself or a special person in your life!" —Paris B.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $32.50/month.

    23. A market cart made of recycled canvas and bamboo you can snag when you finally accept that a "granny cart" is genuinely smart. Get one this good lookin' and you won't have to avoid eye contact with the sorry shoppers who are still carrying their bags all the way back to their apartments.

    Canvas bag with nautical rope closure. It is attached to a wooden cart frame with white rubber wheels on the back.
    Wandering Sol / Etsy

    This spiffy small biz is based in Sydney, Australia. I found them while on a tireless search for a good-looking market cart. I'm telling you, this is the best of the best! The fact that their darling products are also responsibly sourced and made with recycled materials is icing on the cake. 

    Promising review: "This little cart is a miracle!! You won’t believe how much you can fit into it and it’s so handy. I’m absolutely in love with it. I just started working at a large university and, rather than carry bags with my laptop, my gym clothes, a lunch bag, and anything else I need for the day, it’s all packed into this gorgeous little cart and it wheels right along. The bamboo is gorgeous and the canvas bag is so well stitched. It was super easy to attach the wheels as well. Plus, this arrived in four days. I’ve had things shipped from inside the US that took WAY longer than this. A 10/10 purchase. I LOVE IT." —emilyschneider27

    Get it from Wandering Sol Co on Etsy for $170.69.

    24. A bottle of Drop It, a natural wine sulfate and tannin remover, that's gonna save wine-drunk you from those Merlot-induced headaches.

    Reviewer image of glass of red wine with a bottle of Drop It, along with a caption explaining that it's been working

    Drop It recommends 1–2 drops for each glass of white wine, 2–3 for a glass of red, and 7–9 if you're treating yourself to the whole bottle at once. Once it's in the glass, swirl lightly for 20 seconds, and you'll be g2g!

    Promising review: "For many years, I have been that friend who always says 'no thanks, I can't drink wine.' Even one small small glass would give me the worst migraine. So I gave up. Several weeks ago, I happened across an ad for Drop It and thought I might as well give it a shot. I took a big risk the day it arrived and had two huge glasses of red wine that I knew would give me a massive migraine the next day. It just so happened I had a midterm that next morning, too — and so the stakes were high. I woke up feeling fantastic. Since then I have repeated the experiment (to make sure it wasn't a fluke) and found that no matter how much wine I drink, as long as I use the drops, I don't have a migraine the next day. I'm so pleased to have found something that makes wine drinking possible and enjoyable again! I have nothing but great things to say about the product. It's easy to use and very discreet. I visited some friends last week and we spent a few hours at a wine bar. It was easy to add my drops. I took a small taste of the wine before adding the drops and found that it did not alter the taste at all. Thanks for a great product and a great buying experience. I will be back for more." —Mackenzie

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    25. A tube of Balm Dotcom made with castor oil, lanolin, and beeswax to lock in moisture, give you a touch of color, and create a protective barrier around your lips. With this stuff, you CAN have it all!

    Model wearing balm dotcom in fig

    Check out my colleague's Balm Dotcom review for more info! (#1)

    Promising review: "Honestly, I was skeptical but bought this product because I’m obsessed with figs. I love it; it really melts all the crustiness away and leave you with soft lips." —Mercedes

    Get it from Glossier for $12 (available in eight colors/flavors).

    26. A handwoven hammock that's so dang picturesque you'll be one step closer to recreating your favorite 5-star resort, in your backyard! The travel time is MUCH better than a flight to the Bahamas.

    The Citizenry

    This luxury hammock is made with 100% cotton, gathered from local markets and crafted by a group of nine artisans in the Yucatan. Each piece is made exclusively in a fair-trade environment. The measurements are 80"Lx80"W (for the bed) and160"Lx80"W (from end to end). I personally own this hammock, I got it for my reading room, and am dazzled by the quality. It's such a fun piece to have in my home.

    Get it from The Citizenry for $195.

    27. A caffeinated butt mask that's sure to wake up your skincare routine.

    Model on their back, lifting their legs up to show the mask is on

    Promising review: "I will definitely be investing in more of these masks. I was a bit skeptical to try a mask for my butt (LOL) but I actually felt it work! I felt the firmness and detox! I would recommend trying it, I will be purchasing more for sure. Thumbs-up!" —Lauren

    Get it from Amazon for $11.

    28. A rainbow fringed bath mat so you never again have to step out of the warm shower onto mercilessly cold tiles. Dry off awhile and curl your toes into this fuzzy thing instead.

    rainbow bath mat with tassels on either end
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "This is super cute and gets the job done! It definitely makes my bathroom look brighter and more fun, especially when paired with a colorful shower curtain." —jeni98

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $29+ (available in two sizes). 

    29. A fence window for dogs who take their neighborhood watch shifts very seriously. Put this in your fence so they can keep an eye on everything *and* so you and your neighbors can enjoy this cutie sneak peak from your pup.,

    This includes everything you need to secure the window and it takes about 15 minutes to set up. All you'll need is a drill/driver, crescent wrench, and a pencil.

    Promising review: "Our dogs love it! Our old fence had gaps for them to see who was I the driveway, but with the new one, no gaps. The doggie windows allow them to see who is pulling up again! Each one took about 10–15 minutes to install. We just used the black ring to trace the inner circle, cut with a jigsaw, marked the holes for the bolts and predrill, and used a 10-mm wrench to tighten, not too tight to crack ring or globe plastic. Now they can see us again!" —Summers

    Get it from Amazon for $26.98.

    30. A citrus and blossom sparkling water for giving your tastebuds something extra special (and sparkling!) while staying hydrated at the same time.

    Can of Dram with an orange and lemon

    I dig Dram. I love every flavor of everything they offer (I've tried it all). Plus the packaging is too pretty to pass up.

    Get a 12-pack from Dram for $22 (also available in cardamom/black tea and lavender/lemon balm).

    31. And a Tuft & Needle pillow designed with a complex foam formula that's gonna be be cool, breathable, soft, and supportive while you snooze. A good night's rest is the very best way to have a good day.

    A lifestyle shot of the pillows in an unmade bed
    Tuft & Needle

    I actually own this! I have never been able to find a pillow that supported my (always aching) neck, while also being comfortable enough to enjoy sleeping on. Not until I got this. It's squishy, sturdy, and super satisfying. I sleep hot and I love how cool it stays throughout the night. I can tell that I am falling asleep faster, sleeping deeper, and waking up feeling more comfortable.

    Promising review: "I was getting terrible sleep when quarantine started and I realized my pillows did not support my neck. I had terrible neck and back pain and then I found this pillow! It’s the perfect amount of support and I sleep so well now! The pillow also stays cool through the night. I love it so much, I purchased another one. I now have two of them and I love it!!" —EvelynP

    Get it on sale from Tuft & Needle for $76.50+ (available in two sizes, with or without pillowcase). 

    You, after a serotonin-filled shopping spree:


    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.