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    43 Of The Best Plant Stands That’ll Help You Show Off Your Green Thumb

    If a plant stand is what you need, you're sure to find the perfect one on this list.

    1. An indoor/outdoor black metal plant stand, because your favorite plant is too majestic to sit anywhere but on a pedestal. This is a great option for showing off a plant if you're really short on space.

    2. An indoor/outdoor plant stand for the plant enthusiast who thinks every plant they care for deserves its own spotlight. This plant stand is over 5 feet tall and can hold 14 potted plants.

    A variety of potted plants arranged on a multi-tier wooden shelf, suitable for home decor and space-efficient gardening

    3. An indoor wall-mounted tubular plant stand for when you're trying to make the urban jungle aesthetic a reality but have no more floor space left. This one has three tiers to show off your favorite plant babies.

    A vertical wall planter displaying various potted houseplants, useful for indoor gardening

    4. An indoor plant stand that can form a heart if you put two of them next to each other. This is surely going to show your plants how much you adore them.

    5. A powder-coated white metal indoor/outdoor plant stand if you're serious about giving your plants a step up in the world. A wonderful alternative for folks who aren't feeling the look of a wood stand.

    Assorted potted plants on a multi-tiered shelf

    6. A pack of five outdoor plant stands of various heights so each one of your plant children has an opportunity to shine. Plant stylists say putting plants into groups of three, five, or seven is the visual sweet spot, so this is a win-win.

    Assorted potted plants on stands of varying heights on a porch

    7. A gold indoor metal plant stand to elevate your favorite plants to new heights, both literally and figuratively. In a world full of black iron and wood plant stands, get a gold one to stand out.

    Indoor plant stand with various potted plants in a living room setting

    8. A set of two indoor plant stands with all the bells and whistles for those who aim to turn their home into a plant-based paradise. Grow lights? Check. Hooks for hanging plants? Also, yes. 14 individual plant shelves? Uh-huh. What can't this thing do!?

    9. An indoor wall-mounted plant stand with a leafy engraved design, because you understand that vertical space is underutilized real estate for your plants. If you're out of floor space but you need to show off just one more plant, this is exactly what you need.

    Succulent plant in a white pot on a wooden shelf against an engraved wall-mounted plant stand

    10. An indoor/outdoor metal plant stand that's heavy-duty enough to withstand the harsh elements. It's rust- and corrosion-proof and can hold up to 150 pounds.

    11. An eco-friendly, 3D-printed indoor plant stand if you want a stand that's made from sustainable materials. This is printed with PLA, a type of thermoplastic polymer derived from upcycled materials like corn, beets, and wheat grass. PLA is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable!

    Yellow pleated planter on a cream base with a small plant

    12. An indoor/outdoor hexagonal plant stand for when your passion for plants intersects with your flair for interior design. It can also be extended indefinitely by adding more pieces if you ever want to buy more plants.

    Various potted plants arranged on a multi-tiered, hexagonal shelving unit in a bright room

    13. An expandable indoor mid-century modern-inspired plant stand because your favorite potted plant deserves its own throne, preferably one with retro legs. And it comes with its own drain saucer.

    Snake plant in a white pot on a black stand, beside a beige armchair and white curtains

    14. An indoor/outdoor plant stand with room for hanging plants if you want to create a tiered garden display that rivals the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It's made of 100% iron and coated with waterproof and rustproof spray paint — great if you want to keep it outdoors year-round.

    15. An indoor/outdoor plant stand that's like a luxury condo for your most precious potted friends. The middle shelves are extra tall to accommodate your tall plants.

    Assorted indoor plants on wooden shelves in front of a large window,

    16. A no-nonsense indoor bamboo plant stand, because your precious plants deserve the spotlight, not the shadow. This is a great get if you don't have a lot of space but you do have a lot of plants.

    17. A modern indoor plant stand in black or white with a faux marble base for those who believe their plants should live a life of luxury on a marble pedestal. Because each tier is at a different angle, you don't have height limitations when it comes to plant selection.

    Multi-tiered indoor plant stand displaying various houseplants for home decor inspiration

    18. An indoor plaster plant stand that's like a VIP lounge for your most exclusive greenery. If you have a plant that's truly spectacular — the kind that goes viral on Instagram or PlantTok, this is the stand it should live on. The drama!

    Two unique sculptural bookends holding a potted plant on a wooden floor, ideal for stylish interior decor

    19. A set of four indoor hammered metal plant stands with an industrial look for those who want their plants to experience the joy of elevation. I'd place these near a window if you have plants that want a lot of natural light.

    Assorted tall, cylindrical wicker plant stands with green potted plants, in a home interior setting for shopping decor

    20. A simple outdoor plant stand that's not just a stand, but an opportunity to declare your undying love for all things leafy. This stand holds up to 60 pounds and will keep your planter off the ground, which is necessary if you use a planter that has drainage holes.

    Potted plant on metal stand in garden

    21. A tall wooden indoor plant stand if you're determined to live in a home that doubles as a greenhouse. This one is over five feet tall, can hold up to 600 pounds, and has seven tiers with 14 individual plant tiers. There's also a back rack for hanging plants.

    A wood shelving unit displaying a variety of houseplants, decorative items, and a sign that says "OLIVE YOU"

    22. An indoor aged iron wire collared plant stand to transform your favorite cascading plant into a dramatic waterfall of greenery, minus the water. This stand looks like it was plucked right from the set of a period drama or maybe a haunted graveyard in some spooky tiny town. Either way, it's gorgeous and amazing and would make a beautiful addition to any home.

    23. A modern two-tier indoor plant stand that's like a bunk bed for your botanical buddies — space-saving and fun. Highlight one or two of your showstopper plants.

    A modern room with a minimalist plant stand holding two potted plants by a stairway

    24. A bamboo indoor/outdoor plant stand that promises to be the ladder your little green friends need to reach new heights. Because each level is a shelf, you can fit multiple-sized plants on each one.

    Comfortable beige recliner chair near a window with a plant on a multi-tiered stand, ideal for a cozy reading corner

    25. An indoor metal and wood plant stand for when you want to create a leafy oasis in the corner of your urban dwelling. The multi-tier design means your four favorite green friends get a home of their own.

    Three-tiered wooden and metal stand with various houseplants beside a sofa

    26. A colorful indoor plant stand that looks more like a piece of art, for those who take their plant parenting very seriously. Inspired by a design movement called Memphis Group, this plant stand is a strong nod to the bright colors and big shapes of the 1980s.

    Decorative plant stand with abstract design holding a plant pot on a wooden surface

    27. A round, indoor wooden plant stand for the minimalist who believes even their greenery should reflect their aesthetic. The simple and modern design means it'll work well with nearly any style of interior design.

    28. An indoor convertible plant stand if you're looking to give your plants a lift and your decor a boost — it's a win-win. This stand can be two separate pieces or stacked on top of each other for one tall pedestal.

    29. An indoor iron plant stand that's essentially a high-rise for your leafy friends — because even plants deserve a penthouse view. The slender shape is perfect for an empty corner that would otherwise go unused, and the patina on the metal gives it an old-world charm feel.

    Two slender, metal plant stands of varying heights with potted plants for interior decor

    30. A black metal indoor/outdoor plant stand for the person who believes in giving their plants a "room with a view" — even if it's just the living room or balcony. This one has a more traditional design, so if you're looking for something timeless, this is a great option.

    31. A curvy indoor black metal and wood plant stand to give your weary vines and tendrils a leg up in life. The curvy base provides an excellent spot for your plants to crawl up and spread out.

    32. An indoor plant stand with circular tiers and a walnut finish for the person who believes every leaf and petal should be displayed in its full glory. If your home has a lot of right angles, break it up a bit with this plant stand that has a round base and shelves.

    A multi-tiered wooden plant stand holding various houseplants in pots inside a home

    33. An indoor mirrored plant stand if you've convinced yourself that 'plant collector' is a legitimate profession and you need a place to display your prized possession. The sleek and modern lines will look good almost anywhere, but most reviewers say they put theirs in entryways or dining rooms.

    Modern staircase shelf with alternating brown and white steps beside a blue sofa and a potted plant

    34. An indoor/outdoor iron plant stand for those who need a designated spot for their plant to take its daily sunbath. This tiny but mighty stand can hold up to 100 pounds!

    Two potted succulent plants on a tiered metal stand on a patio

    35. A minimalist indoor wood plant stand if you're looking for the perfect wingman for your solo aloe (or really any plant). This minimalist stool fits any planter between 5" and 15."

    36. An indoor clear plant stand to give your air plants the floating illusion they were born to pull off. Air plants don't need soil to thrive, so this unusual design makes sure the roots are exposed to the elements.

    37. A set of two indoor rattan plant stands, because your jungle chic decor wouldn't be complete without it. This has major bohemian vibes, so definitely try it out if you're going for that look.

    38. Or a taller indoor rattan plant stand if you want something more intricate. This isn't just a plant stand; it's a one-way ticket to boho-chic-ville — decorate accordingly!

    Potted plant atop a bamboo stand, suitable for home decor, featured in a shopping article

    39. A pair of indoor black and gold plant stands to proudly display your plant collection like the trophies they are. Because the black metal inserts are so tall, you can put multiple plants in one stand to create different heights — your own mini botanical garden!

    Two cylindrical, black plant stands with gold-toned legs, each holding a green plant

    40. An indoor roman pillar plant stand for when you decide it's time for your plants to stand up and stand out. This is a real focal point, so this is a great way to add some pizzazz if you have a room with minimal flare.

    Two classical-style pedestals with a potted plant and decorative beads in a shadow-patterned room

    41. An indoor hanging plant stand, because your trailing pothos deserves its own hanging gardens. The plant stand begs the question: is it art or is it a plant stand? How about both!