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    31 Products That'll Help You Get A Jump Start On Spring Cleaning

    Because if you do it right the first time, you can avoid cleaning again until *next* spring.

    1. A powder polish for giving your kitchenware a well deserved scrub after you watch Beauty and the Beast and start feeling guilty about the condition of your own flatware friends.

    2. A two-pack of Bon Ami — people have been using it since 1886 to polish windows, mirrors, ceramic, cast iron, and more! Use this and you can show off your clean surfaces (and historical knowledge) during your dorm's next cleaning check.

    3. A charming TV-shaped sponge holder to give you something to watch while you work.

    4. A box of OxiClean stain remover that'll wash every slip, spill, and stain that comes your way.

    5. An odor-free bamboo charcoal bag for eliminating odors in your closet and keeping your clothes smelling as fresh as the day you impulse-bought them.

    6. A hanging bamboo scrub brush to clear off your grout and tiles so well, you'll forget those Airbnbers even stood in your shower.

    7. A drill brush kit that'll help the one tool in your home be a tad more useful.

    8. A box of Magic Erasers to clean stains off of surfaces in your home as quick and easy as the time you dumped white-out on your report card before your parents could see it.

    9. A pack of copper mesh wire scourers that'll scrape away the mess left behind from the Pinterest fail that basically killed your kitchen.

    10. A little laundry detergent — it may make your unwashed curtains sing in the spin cycle this spring.

    11. A grime-cleaning pool glove that'll give your hot tub the rub-down it deserves after the hours it's spent easing your aching back.

    12. A spray of Rain-X to not only keep your windshield safe from spring storms, but also protect your glass shower door from unwanted water stains.

    13. A hand vacuum that'll help make your bed a clean place to rest your head, even if it is also the place you go to secretly eat from your roommate's bag of Pirate's Booty when they're at yoga.

    14. A pack of two reusable microfiber cloths you can use both inside the house and outside (where the spring is actually happening).

    15. A lovely scented cleaning vinegar for an organic way to uplift and feng shui your space this year.

    16. A mop onesie that'll help your baby earn their keep before they can even speak.

    17. A bottle of gamsol oil for cleaning your paintbrushes and renewing worn wood surfaces – making every part of your studio spic and span this spring.

    18. A toilet wand that'll keep you from getting in too deep while cleaning the worst bowl in the house.

    19. A box of chore sticks that are gonna help your kiddos stick with keeping the house clean by making the process seem slightly more like fun and games.

    20. A Swiffer WetJet to easily clean both wet and dry floors, making your apartment so sparkling your landlord will never know your new roommate Murphy is actually a 65-pound labradoodle.

    21. A bottle of cedarwood oil for coating your cleaned-out drawers and keeping moths from invading your undies.

    22. A fresh bottle of dishwashing soap to wash the dirt off of your lampshades (you'll be amazed at how bright the light is in your apartment after washing away three years of nasty lampshade with this clever trick).

    23. An automatic pool cleaner — it may remind you of every terrifying pool scene in Paranormal Activity, but it'll also clean your pool so well it's scary.

    24. A microwave cleaner to effortlessly wipe away the build-up in your microwave before your anyone gets mad about the mess.

    25. A multi-surface polish that'll basically make every surface in your home a shiny mirror until next year.

    26. A pair of fun rubber gloves, because even if you'll be cleaning your home with your own two hands, that doesn't mean you've gotta do it alone.

    27. A bottle of wood polish for spiffing up surfaces Mother Nature never knew could be so shiny.

    28. A pack of two green tea and lime antibacterial surface sprays that'll deep-clean your home so well, cold season will be a thing of the past.

    29. An intense cleaning brush kit that may make you wonder why you weren't telling a robot to do your chores ages ago.

    30. A seriously effective drain kit to clean away the unearthly mess in your pipes, because IT has nothing on what's lurking in your shower drain.

    31. And a cat toilet brush to prove you aren't ~kitten~ around when it comes to spring cleaning.

    After you've cleaned for hours and realize the room is spotless:

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