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    42 Products You Didn't Know You've Been Dreaming Of

    An adult swaddle, zombie gardening sign, portable air conditioner, and 39 other seriously dreamy things.

    1. An adult swaddle – a comforting cocoon for anyone who needs a little extra help relaxing and who won't mind taking the term "sleep tight" seriously.

    2. A sock pairing system so you can attach your socks in pairs and keep them that way, even while they're being washed, saving you ~loads~ of time whenever you do a load of laundry.

    3. A microwave panini press that's gonna make your food taste like grilled perfection with one click of the "popcorn" button.

    4. A floral toilet scrubber that'll make cleaning your toilet far more pretty and much less shi... not pretty.

    5. A weather-safe wordy wall decal to show your family why it's important to keep the garage clean and organized.

    6. A Freshly meal plan because you know that "preheat the oven to 400" is essentially gonna be certain death in your apartment from July–September.

    7. A pool float tea steeper so you can really get the tea while enjoying your entire summer by the pool.

    8. Or a pack of inflatable pool floats for your cups, letting you ~drink it all in~ by the pool all summer long.

    9. A blind spot mirror that'll make you a parallel parking pro.

    10. A mesh hanging clothes dryer so you can keep your chicest pieces in a clean and convenient place while they dry. Now you can finally see what your radiator looks like without damp clothes hanging over it 24/7.

    11. A pack of four treatment gel patches sure to soothe and hydrate your under-eyes and help prevent puffiness and darkness, no matter how late you stay out on the weekends. Why waste time on actual beauty sleep when you can buy it?

    12. A multi-game expansion pack that'll work with any turn-based game (think cards, board games, and the like) and turn them into drinking games.

    13. A mini skillet so you can make a single-serving dish without having to clean out a massive pan.

    14. A powerful cleansing powder for wiping away built-on grime and giving your dishes an awfully nice shine.

    15. A snail table lamp with a li'l shell that'll brighten your day. Don't be ~sluggish~ with this purchase — it'll be gone before you can say, "Escar-go get me that lamp!"

    16. A set of four drawer organizers – they're gonna make your shelves look like an A-type's paradise.

    17. Or a shirt folder that'll give you a dresser full of perfectly crisp and beautifully folded shirts in a matter of minutes.

    18. A quilted chenille floor pillow for anyone in an apartment so small, pillows are certainly an acceptable form of furniture.

    19. A magic tap to help kiddos get drinks on their own without having to do any heavy lifting — you won't have to cry over spilled milk ever again.

    20. A portable air conditioner for anyone who has exactly zero ~chill~ when it comes to staying in places without AC.

    21. A tufted linen storage ottoman that'll look absolutely lovely in your living room (despite all the things you frantically toss in it when people hang out in said living room).

    22. A peel-and-stick wall mural you can place over every hole and scratch the previous tenants left in your apartment. They also separate into individual pieces, so feel free to throw these flowers botanic-all over the house!

    23. A Sriracha keychain that's gonna add a little spice to your life, even when you're on the go.

    24. A pair of training utensils that'll help your wee babe enhance their fine motor skills so they can actually feed themselves when they insist on feeding themselves.

    25. A spill-safe cabinet mat with a lip guard and a raised surface sure to protect your cabinets (and the things you store in it) from leaks and spills.

    26. A botanical LipDrink balm that's gonna keep your lips smooth and hydrated and add a subtle color to your barely-there makeup vibes.

    27. A pair of unbearably chic leather dress shoes inspired by basketball sneakers, for savvy folks who know how to ~sport~ a solid fashion statement.

    28. An AeroGarden that'll be a truly fool-proof way to grow fresh herbs outside of a garden and inside of your fifth-floor walkup.

    29. A hair repair treatment that was condi-ment for anyone who bleaches, dyes, or styles their hair to their heart's content.

    30. A set of cooling sheets that'll regulate your body temperature and keep you from ~sweating it~ when you try to fall asleep in the thick summer heat.

    31. A Billie Razor kit so you can drop the pink tax and pick up a razor that looks as smooth as your skin will feel after you use it.

    32. A pack of anti-nausea pops – they may save the day when your stomach decides it's sick and tired of digesting.

    33. A dog water bottle so your K-9 can get some easy H20 on the go.

    34. An inflatable beer pong table for anyone who wants their pool party to be a real party.

    35. A pair of blue light blocking glasses that'll considerably ease eye strain if you feel like you have screen time all the time.

    36. A microwave steamer to cook veggies, fish, poultry, and rice in minutes. This thing is sure to make (micro)waves.

    37. A carpet shampoo for anyone who has been ignoring the mysterious stain on their carpet for far too long.

    38. A cool-sleeping Tuft & Needle mattress with sturdy, adaptive foam that'll help you fall into a deep sleep every day. Well, every night.

    39. A cookie shot kit so you can have a shot of something sweet when you really need it.

    40. A heated pillow massager for anyone who does ~knot~ handle traffic well and needs something that's sure to distract them from those mercilessly clogged intersections.

    41. An over-the-sink dish drying rack because losing all your counter space to drying dishes can be a real ~drip~.

    42. And finally, a pack of Ramen sticky notes so you can use your ~noodle~ and write down all your best ideas (like getting everything from this list).

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