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    36 Products Under $25 You Probably Need If You're Around 25

    Your twenties are hard enough — these products are here to make some things much easier.

    1. A hair finishing stick — picture this like a natural, plant oil-covered mascara wand. It'll tidy up those pesky baby hairs on the back of your neck and around your hairline. Add this to your makeup bag and you'll have officially outgrown bad hair days.

    2. A spiffy blind spot mirror that's gonna make you a parallel-parking pro. Your bumper can't wait to thank you.

    Car side mirror with circular mirror sticker in the corner, giving a better view of behind the vehicle

    3. A cleaning tablet to easily remove lime, mineral, and food buildup in your dishwasher. Get this and you can wash your dishes in something that's actually clean.

    4. A planning pad for when social engagements, work events, and (extremely necessary) nap times fill your schedule and you realize organization is for cool kids.

    Organized pad with different spaces, lists, and sections for diverse subjects of notes

    5. An essential oil stick that's gonna help ease the headache that is adulthood.

    6. A handheld mixer sure to save you a bundle when you stop spending your hard earned money at a coffee shop and enjoy your favorite, frothy brew from comfort of your kitchen instead.

    Foaming tool beside frothy latte

    7. An interlocking drawer organizer for folks who have *that* drawer in their home. You know who you are, even if you have no idea what's actually in that messy drawer at the moment.

    8. A face mask "brush" that'll help you apply masks without losing any spa-worthy product to brush bristles. Keep those thrifty life skills a'flowing as you're growing!

    Reviewer's hand showing the smoother amount of product from the silicone brush verses a bristle brush

    9. A suede brush – it's gonna save your shoes from certain doom and keep you from feeling de-feet-ed when you get dirt on your favorite pair of pumps.

    10. A pack of seven dishwasher-safe stretch lids that'll stretch to fit fruits, blenders, and lonely plastic containers — no more digging through drawers of mismatched lids or covering things up with flimsy plastic wrap!

    Three glass bowls of different sizes with the stretch lids on top. The bowls are stacked on top of each other.

    11. A fabric shaver — being able to buy a cashmere sweater is one of the perks of adulthood *but* it is also occasionally a real pill. This is sure to be the medicine your sweater needs.

    Black sweater covered in pills and cat hair made completely free of the lint after using product

    12. And a steamer because being an adult means you can rock wrinkles on your face, but not on your clothing.

    A pair of pants that are very wrinkly made wrinkle-free after using steamer

    13. A contoured sleep mask for when you're old enough to appreciate the midday nap you loathed as a child.

    Person sleeping in bed with mask over their eyes

    14. A drinking fountain faucet attachment sure to be loved by anyone who wants a sip of water without dirtying a whole cup and thus, washing a whole cup. I'm sure your roommates are thanking you already.

    Sink spout with water lifting into an arc for drinking

    15. A Guac-Lock, because learning how to keep leftovers fresh is a life skill worth feeding into. Go ahead, enjoy that homemade guacamole for days on end!

    16. A visual grocery list pad with rows organized by category (i.e. what isle they should be in). This is a fool-proof system if your grocery skills are not quite up to par. Just circle what you need and you can find it at a glance!

    The colorful pad with food icons arranged in categories from fruits to pet care to deli to snacks

    17. A surface cover that'll make your rental's tragic countertops look magazine-worthy.

    18. A bottle of deep conditioner oil sure to nourish and hydrate your hair thanks to its 100% all natural ingredients. If you're ready to master manageability, texture, and shine...this product is sure to satisfy!

    A bottle of the deep conditioner oil

    19. A ventilated cable box – it's gonna hide all the tangles of cords you have under your desk. This product is ~knot~ something you wanna ignore if cord clutter drives you wild.

    Messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    20. A floral coaster, because you're finally old enough to understand why water rings are a major pet peeve. Your parents were right all along, coffee tables should not have drippy cups on them. They should not.

    Several clear coasters with brushed white paint inside, gold leaf, fern leaves, and flower petals

    21. A lime and soap scum remover that'll make even the dreariest of sinks sparkle and shine like your hands do after washing with it.

    22. A LAPCOS sheet mask you can get in basically every flavor of skincare concern. There are even red wine and escargot masks, the latter of which uses snail filtrate and chamomile flower to soothe irritation. Don't be ~sluggish~ on this find, throw these in your cart stat!

    the wine, escgargot, and pearl sheet masks

    23. A reviewer-loved time-marked water bottle with a handy flip top lid, leakproof spout, and dozens of colors to chose from. This darling water bottle might actually make drinking water seem, you know, satisfying.

    24. An anti-microbial linen loaf bag for keeping your beloved baguettes nice and fresh while also giving your kitchen a *gorge* natural, simple aesthetic.

    A light grey linen bag with a drawstring and three baguettes inside

    25. A set of soap sheets in nine compact containers (we're talkin' 450 sheets in all!) you can toss in your bag to guarantee you've always got soap at the ready, despite the sketchy bathrooms you may end up in while on-the-go.

    A series of images showing small soap sheets in a container with a model taking them out, holding their hands under water, and lathering them

    26. A bottle of Drop It, a natural wine sulfate and tannin remover to save you from wine-induced migraines. Because the older you get, the more you ~wine~ about your aching head after a glass of red.

    Reviewer image of glass of red wine with a bottle of Drop It, along with a caption explaining that it's been working

    27. And a sparkling-wine saver that'll keep your bubbly, well, bubbly. Go ahead and refer back to #15...we're not messing around with saving leftovers, people!

    A model securing the stopper on a bottle

    28. Tower 28 Daily Rescue Facial Spray – it's gonna revitalize your skin with three simple ingredients: hypochlorous acid, water, and sodium chloride. Give your face a spritz of this to cleanse, soothe redness, and calm irritation. You already dealt with bad skin in high school, use your adult money to keep it from happening ever again.

    model holding the clear spray bottle with white cap labeled "Tower 28"

    29. And a chamomile cleansing butter for anyone ready to improve every step of their skincare routine. Drop those wasteful, drying makeup removing cloths in the trash and treat your skin to this soothing removal system each and every night!

    30. A bacon towel made with a washable, reusable, cotton-blend so you can eliminate the wad of paper towels that end up in the trash every time you get a bacon craving.

    bacon sitting on the quilted towel

    31. A pair of computer glasses that'll block that pesky blue light, keeping it from seeping into your peepers when you're stuck staring at screens all day.

    32. A eucalyptus bundle sure to spruce up your showers. The steam from the hot water releases natural oils in the stems that can help clear your sinuses and give you a feeling of relaxation.

    The bundle of eucalyptus hanging from a shower

    33. A set of upgraded knobs to give your rental's drawers and cabinets a little more life.

    34. As-seen-on-TV Debbie Meyer GreenBags that can keep your produce fresher much longer and be reused eight to 10 times!! What do we 25+-year-olds love? Long-lasting leftovers!

    On the left, a barely browned banana in one of the bags. On the right, a banana with lots of brown spots, not in a bag

    35. A handy Souper Cubes freezer tray that'll make it ~souper~ easy to freeze notoriously hard-to-freeze things like soups and sauces. Being able to unthaw individual portions of soup has my all-too-adult heart all aflutter.

    36. And finally, an adorable hanging diffuser to help keep your vehicle smelling fresh, despite the impressive amount of pungent french fries you consume in your car on a weekly basis.

    Tiny vial of product with macrame hanger. It sits inside a shell.

    When I get deep into my meal prep phase and realize how useful my new soup ice cube tray is:

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