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    33 Dream-Worthy Products To Add To Your Life In 2021

    Pretty, practical, and cool things you'll be dreaming about until 2021 has come and gone.

    1. A coffee of the month subscription for when you're back in the office and can no longer take a nap break after lunch. Some glorious hot bean juice just might be the only thing that keeps you going.

    2. A BlackLit Cratejoy subscription that'll give avid readers the chance to constantly enjoy new novels by Black authors.

    An example of the books and products received in each monthly box

    3. A tube of Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara to make your lashes as long as a Quentin Tarantino film.

    4. A set of three ceramic hands for sprucing up your decor in the new year with some ~handy~ statuettes.

    Three ceramic hands in different colors with the slang signs for peace, love, and harmony

    5. An LED floor lamp you can rotate and manipulate to create completely different lighting in your home — this clever light is a seriously ~bright~ idea.

    6. A softening seven-day foot peel sure to make your feet silky smooth. No more torn tights or scratchy sheets in your life!

    Foot peel sock in packaging

    7. A pair of 1460 smooth leather lace-ups for adding a little spice to your all-Doc shoe closet. Updating your closet for the new year doesn't mean changing your least not when it's already this good.

    8. A set of fiberglass chopsticks that are dishwasher safe and made with a no-slip design, so you can eat noodles without tasty bites slipping and sliding before they make it into your mouth.

    Glass noodles held up with chop sticks

    9. A pair of teeny-tiny macrame potted plants for anyone who wants to ~plant~ something precious in their car and add a little life to their commute.

    10. A chic plus sign area rug that'll make a big difference in your bare apartment — each little piece of decor really does add up!

    White textured rug with tassels on edges and black plus sign pattern throughout

    11. A fun-sized skincare kit filled with magical lotions and potions your bod is gonna love, no matter ~witch~ way your travels take you.

    12. A pair of Silhouette eyeglasses sure to surprise and delight fashion-forward folks who love sporting a chic-Zenon style. Zetus (and I cannot stress this enough) lapetus.

    BuzzFeed writer wearing lightweight large glasses in clear multi-colored frame with matching face mask

    13. A no-wire bra so your boobs can get all-day support without feeling like they're in boob prison. Go ahead, keep this on even after you get home.

    Person wearing full cup bra

    14. A bottle of Tend Skin for getting rid of the redness, irritation, and razor bumps that made shaving the ~pits~ in 2020.

    A reviewer's before-and-after photo of their armpit. The first photo shows large red bumps and irritation on an armpit that hasn't been shaved and the second photo shows a freshly shaved armpit without any bumps or redness.

    15. A pair of Sock Ons you can toss on over your baby's socks to keep them in place. These also keep your kiddo from pulling their socks off if they seem to think removing clothes is the best way to work on their fine motor skills.

    Several babies wearing socks with the guards on over them

    16. A surprisingly aesthetic natural wood essential oil diffuser with a car vent clip that'll let you use all your favorite essential oils in your car, saving you from suffering through the scent of faux plastic pine.

    17. A pair of leggings with a soft exterior and an essential amount of stretchiness — these are sure to be the go-to piece your body has been begging for now that the blustery weather is back. Bless.

    18. A sea salt cactus candle for classic movie fans who are happy to decorate their home with Audrey Hepburn-themed candles.

    Candle in clear jar with Audrey Hepburn quote saying "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."

    19. A wrinkle-eliminating spray that can also work as a static and odor remover, refreshing your fabrics and making wrinkle-free clothes a simple spray away. Ever dream about doing laundry? Me neither. Until now.

    20. A box of organic bath bombs for nourishing yourself in the new year with the best kind of medicine...baths.

    Six bath bombs in individual wrapping

    21. A pair of fleece slippers so comfy you won't even feel ~sheepish~ about wearing them when you're out and about.

    22. A pair of macrame plant hangers – they're gonna spruce up your place by giving you back the much-needed counter space your plants have been taking over.

    Boho macrame planters holding potted plants

    23. A genuinely lovely towel warmer that'll improve the look of your bathroom *and* provide you with that fresh-outta-the-dryer feel every time you pull a towel out and wrap it around ya body!

    Person pulling towels out of upright towel warmer

    24. A wall-mounted cat bed for folks who feel all ~bubbly~ inside when they fill their home with cool cat products.

    Cat inside clear plastic bubble and natural wood bed that is mounted on a wall

    25. A tote bag big enough to fit everything you could possibly carry with you. Well, aside from the giant ego you're gonna be walking around with after all the compliments you get on this snazzy new accessory.

    A model holding a tote bag across her shoulder

    26. An anti-nail-biting pen with anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent sore skin and a brutally bitter taste to prevent biting them in the first place. Now your dream of long, lovely nails is sure to be a reality...finally.

    A reviewer's before-and-after showing nails bitten to the nail bed and another photo of them having grown considerably

    27. A pStyle — a nonsitting urination tool so useful you'll wanna give it a ~standing~ ovation.

    A thin plastic tube with curves and a tapered end standing upright beside its packaging

    28. A pet hair broom that extends up to 60 inches, so you can actually reach all the nooks and crannies where your pet puts her fanny...and get all the hair she loves leaving behind.

    29. A Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser with sheer to medium coverage for fresh, hydrated skin. This also has SPF 30 to protect you from sun damage and is made with a water-infused, oil-free formula that's sure to give your skin a dewy glow.

    30. A 10-piece Everplush towel set — grab a full set and you'll make major progress in adulthood-ing your home.

    Gray towels staked on top of each other

    31. A bottle of buffalo-flavored Tabasco that's gonna give your tastebuds that buffalo flavor you love, sans milk products. This sounds like a ~dairy~ great idea, if you ask me.

    32. A Stealth core trainer that'll trick you into loving exercise. This video game balancing board'll be your favorite entertainment when you're lying around and looking for something to do.

    33. And finally, a deck of Dream Decoder cards so you can try and figure out what your dreams mean. Why do I keep dreaming about my teeth falling out? Tell me!

    When you get these good good products in your life:

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