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    37 Gifts That Say "I Love You" For People Who Aren't Romantic

    The subtext is everything.

    1. A sheet of custom stickers with their beautiful face on it, because covering all your stuff with each other's faces is even better than saying "I'm yours." Or try what the reviewer in the caption below did — it's classic.

    A sheet of stickers in the shape of someone's face, in three four sizes: one extra large, two large, six medium, and 12 small

    2. A nagging notepad that'll let the recipient nudge you repeatedly to do that thing you said you would do but still haven't yet even though it was totally on your way home from work!

    The sticky notepad that says "nag note" with space to write a message and checkboxes for if it's a "do, remember, fix, buy, or pickup" task

    3. A desk nameplate to show total and utter support for your partner's career. All they need to do is take a peek at this beauty, and they'll definitely get those reports done on deadline.

    a brass and white desk plate that says "kind of a big deal"

    4. A pair of socks accompanied with a lifetime guarantee that, if they're wearing these, you'll *actually* bring them a glass of the good stuff. Maybe these'll stop them ~wine-ing~ that you never do anything for them.

    The socks that say "if you can read this" on one and "bring me some wine" on the other on the soles

    5. A 16-pack of collagen and vitamin E-infused sheet masks that'll almost be a substitute for that spa gift certificate you definitely can't afford.

    The 16 masks

    6. A flippable Belgian waffle maker with a promise to whip up a fluffy batch for your own Leslie Knope the morning after she's had a bit too much Snake Juice.

    The waffle maker with a waffle inside

    7. Our Bucket List, a journal to fill out with all the things you want to do together, whether they're fun, heartfelt (probably not) or just plain silly.

    8. A personalized bag for a twist on the lunch you *very* generously packed for them. They'll eat it and they'll like it!

    The leather and fabric roll-top lunch bag that says "eat me steve" on the nameplate

    9. A pair of cozy slipper socks with a sherpa lining and non-slip soles, because making sure someone is cozy and warm (and that they haven't fallen on the ground) is one of the nicest things you can do. (Plus these were one of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2017!)

    Feed in the buffalo plaid socks cuffed to show the sherpa lining

    10. A spiral-bound compilation of 50 New York Times crossword puzzles, for couples who like spending time together while each being involved in separate activities. Ahhh, comfortable silence.

    The cover of easy-to-touch puzzles edited by Will Shortz

    11. A personalized cushion you can customize with YOUR OWN FACE! That way they can cuddle with you when they don't feel well without getting all up in your business.

    Two oval cushions with a person's face on each one

    12. A big ole ramen bowl with a special slot for chopsticks, because you guys aren't all ooey-gooey and romantic — but you do love sharing noods. 😉

    The bowl that says "i'm a hopeless ramen-tic" on the wise with a noodle print inside

    13. A ribbon or two to show off their greatest accomplishments. In a totally non-passive-aggressive and loving way, of course!

    14. Ranch: An Ode to America’s Beloved Sauce in 60 Mouth-Watering Recipes, a cookbook for anyone who thinks that one specific dressing reigns king when it comes to flavor, even if you feel the opposite.

    The cover of the book, an ode to america's beloved sauce in 60 mouth-watering recipes

    15. A blanket (or two) so they can let you know they need some space — or let you know they want to cuddle... without getting all gooey.

    16. A Lulu scented candle to say "You shouldn’t have to eat my terrible baking, so smell this candle instead." It comes in scents like lemon biscotti, sugared vanilla, and blueberry cobbler that'll waft through the home far better than whatever burnt thing you'd end up making in the kitchen.

    The lemon biscotti candle

    17. A Corgi butt mug for anyone who reverts to Tina Belcher quotes when trying to be romantic.

    The mug with text "I like your" and an illustration of a corgi butt on it

    18. A beer flight set (or two) so you can recreate some of your favorite brewery dates in the comfort of your own home. Just pick up some of your favorite local beers, and enjoy.

    The wooden tray with four small glassed inside

    19. A bulk bag (we're talking 1.5 pounds!) of cereal marshmallows, because they're always after your Lucky Charms! Well, the marshmallow pieces anyway.

    The bag of dehydrated marshmallows

    20. A cozy onesie, because lingerie is great, but having matching & super-warm outfits for your next Netflix binge is a true relationship goal.

    Two moodels, one in a blue plaid onesie, one in PJ pants in the same prinit

    21. A pair of long distance touch lamps to literally light up each other's lives — without the need to pick up the phone or say a word. They're connected to WiFi, so if one person touches their lamp to turn it on, the other lamp will glow, no matter how far it is away.

    22. A contoured sleeping mask with built-in headphones, because you like sleeping with the curtains open *and* snore — you're so thoughtful!

    Reviewer in the black sleep mask

    23. Or a pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones with 30 hours of playback time on a single charge, ~extra bass~, and easy touch sensor controls so they can truly, TRULY tune you out. Now that's a gift.

    The over-the-ear-headphones in blue

    24. A Nicolas Cage-themed mood board tee to make staying in touch with your feelings easier than ever. Don't worry about saying "I love you" — you can just say "You're the only person I'd want to steal the Declaration of Independence with."

    A model in the tee with text "today I'm feeling" and nine illustrations of Nic Cage in different movies to illustrate different emotions

    25. A shiatsu back and neck massager with a built-in heating function and three different speeds to knead away soreness... because your hands are tired and you don't feel like giving a massage right now. Or ever.

    A reviewer making a satisfied face while wearing the massager on their back

    26. A set of colorful pencils to give them sporadic compliments and encouragement throughout the day, since you're not so good at that mushy stuff.

    The pencils

    27. A Brooklyn 99–inspired enamel pin for competitive couples who might just set up a Halloween Heist proposal of their own, Jake and Amy–style.

    The VHS-shaped pin that says "title of your sex tape" "Love the 99" and "Jake Peralta"

    28. A bulk package of their favorite food with an accompanying note that ways: "I solemnly swear to eat none of these whatsoever."

    The box of goldfish

    29. An adorably be-sweatered hot water bottle. And if you really want to go the extra mile, fill it up and stick it under the covers before your boo heads to bed so they're surprised with preheated and oh-so-cozy sheets.

    The purple hot water bottle with the grey knit cozy

    30. A wireless shower speaker for anyone who is willing to put up with their partner's terrible rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" while shampooing.

    The round blue speaker hanging from a shower rod

    31. A Squatty Potty to prove that your SO going #2 is your #1 priority.

    32. An Amazon Fire TV stick that'll make finding a show or movie you BOTH want to watch incredibly easy without scrolling for the full 90 minutes you *wanted* to watch a movie.

    The HDMI stick and remote

    33. And a set of rainbow TV planner stickers with an area where you can write in the name of the show so no one gets AHEAD since you're supposed to be bingeing The Crown TOGETHER.

    The rectangular stickers in different colors with TV icons and space to write the show of your choosng

    34. A gold-fleck toilet seat for the person you think is so great, they basically poop gold.

    The acrylic toilet seat with embedded gold flakes

    35. A Rose Apothecary sweatshirt that'll keep the person you think is 🎵"Simply the Best!" 🎵 a little warmer.

    The black hoodie with two roses and text "Rose apothecary handcrafted with care"

    36. A high-tech Sonicare electric toothbrush to protect their chompers and make their next dentist appointment far more pleasant. Practical, yet sweet!

    The pink toothbrush in a charging class with three extra brush heads and a phone showing the app

    37. ~Mega thermal~ heat-retaining socks with a brushed lining and moisture-wicking fabric, because when your tootsies get that winter chill, it's hard to get them to *ever* warm up again.

    The three pairs of socks: black, dark grey and black heather, and lighter grey and black heather

    While you're playing it cool on the outside, these'll scream:

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