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    34 Products Under $10 To Make Your Life Low-Key Better

    Cheap things that make a little difference in your day-to-day.

    1. A microfiber towel turban that'll dry your hair (without causing damage or frizz). And it buttons easily in the back so the whole thing won't go sliding off your head when you're sitting watching TV.

    2. An easy-to-use jewelry cleaning brush for polishing up your brand new or decades-old precious stones and keep them as sparkling as your love still is (awww!).

    3. Sherpa-lined slipper socks to keep your toes as warm as your heart feels when you look at these little panda faces.

    4. A round blindspot mirror that'll make merging, changing lanes, and even parallel parking a breeze.

    5. A clip-on spoon rest so all the good stuff drips back *into* your pot rather than onto your sparkling countertop — and so you don't get ~crabby~ having to scrub your surfaces down later.

    6. A garlic prepping set with a silicone tube (that'll peel the garlic) and a press (that'll mince it) so you can flavor your food without getting stinky fingers.

    7. A handheld back roller so you can give (and get) relaxing massages without anyone's hands cramping. Ahhhh-mazing.

    8. A nifty nimbus magnetic key-holder, because $8 on this adorable item will be a WHOLE lot cheaper than calling a locksmith.

    9. Cable-hugging critters to take a ~bite~ out of the annoyance of fraying cords. I ain't lion when I say I'm tired of having to hold my phone in one position to charge!

    10. A set of silicone egg poachers with perforated cups to mimic the traditional poaching method (aka swirling water around and around) without having to do any work — and so your egg stays perfectly round and never wisps away.

    11. A brown sugar–softening bear, because no one wants to heat up some oatmeal or prepare to bake cookies, only to discover the brown sugar is now rock-hard.

    12. A pack of pimple patches to stop acne IN ITS TRACKS. They protect your skin, preventing further damage or reinfection, while absorbing oil and pus to shrink the zit and reduce redness, helping it heal *so* much faster.

    13. Bamboo charcoal shoe deodorizers you can pop into your sweatiest, stinkiest beer-soaked flats or old gym shoes — the smell will be G O N E.

    14. Sweat-resistant silicone grips that'll keep your earbuds or airpods in your ears during even the most intense workouts.

    15. A set of toaster-friendly bags perfect for whipping up an ooey gooey grilled cheese when you can't really manage the whole stove thing. Plus they're dishwasher safe, so you don't need to do any washing up by hand!

    16. A mini waterproof vibe that'll store discreetly so you can bring a little fun anywhere you go.

    17. A soft hairband with cat ears to hold your hair back and keep it from getting in all that serum meant for your skin.

    18. A squeaky tennis ball selfie aid that'll clip right onto your smartphone to get (and keep) your pupper's attention when taking a photo for the 'gram.

    19. A three-in-one avocado prepping tool for fanning out 'Grammable slices on your avo toast. Sorry buying a house, but I just really love this food.

    20. A five-piece set of rose gold makeup brushes with super soft, densely packed synthetic hair for seamless application and blending. Plus, they'll look gorgeous displayed on your vanity.

    21. A silicone earbud organizer that'll end the nightmare of tangled cords once and for all, keeping your purse or pocket more organized and helping the wires last longer.

    22. Panasonic earbuds in a bright color to make finding 'em in your bag or your room so much easier — and at a low price so you won't feel bad about eventually losing them.

    23. A collapsible, vented microwave cover to prevent those pesky lasagna explosions that coat the whole interior in red splatters.

    24. A L'Oreal blowout priming spray that'll cut down your drying time while protecting your hair from heat damage (because your arms don't need a whole workout when you're trying to get ready), all while achieving salon-quality softness.

    25. A rose-and-mushroom night light for an ~atmospheric~ (and trip-free) nighttime stroll to the toilet.

    26. A scalp brush that'll exfoliate and get rid of buildup, help your shampoo do its job better, and stimulate your circulation. Bonus: it'll also feel *really* amazing, like a massage at a fancy hair salon.

    27. A super slim and stylish pocket wallet you can attach to your phone so you can stash your ID, credit card, and cash in there and head right out the door. No purse needed!

    28. A box of slow cooker liners, because the whole *point* of using a slow cooker is that it's supposed to be easy. And not having to scrub yours? That's ~truly~ easy.

    29. A textured metal spinner ring for a pretty accessory that'll also be fun to play with and may help you stop fidgeting.

    30. A two-in-one coffee scoop and bag clip, because life before you've actually gotten your caffeine fix needs to be easier.

    31. A wine-stain remover that'll instantly erase the evidence when you get a little too ~sloshed~.

    32. An insanely cozy pair of headphone earmuffs so you can jam out to your favorite songs while taking long brisk winter strolls or ice skating so you can feel like you're in the most dramatic part of a holiday-themed rom com.

    33. A grooming glove designed with nodules on the fingers and palms to make brushing the excess hair from your cat, dog, or even horse more like petting — so your pet won't fidget or get uncomfortable, and your sofa (and clothes!) won't be constantly covered in hair.

    34. A spud-shaped squeezable stress toy that'll be almost as relaxing as a bowl of mashed potatoes — great for when you're feeling tense after Thanksgiving dinner.

    There are worse ways to spend ten bucks.

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