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    39 Fun Things For Anyone Who's Not Interested In Being A Boring Grownup

    Adulthood means you can have a giant plate of cheese for dinner, and no one can stop you.

    1. A set of cat sponges who can ~purrch~ on the edge of your sink and help convince you that the best time to do the dishes is *right meow*, not tomorrow morning.

    A collage of images showing  hands using the sponges, which look like cats wearing sweaters

    2. An electric crepe-maker to ensure the lightest, thinnest crepes outside of Paris, even on just a weekday morning. Yes, eating the most important meal of the day *can* feel like Sunday brunch whenever you want!

    3. A pair of dress socks featuring Dwight Schrute wearing the CPR dummy mask so you can tug up your pant leg in an important meeting and get your work spouse to break down laughing.

     model in the grey socks

    4. A baguette-shaped wrist rest, that'll put a smile on your face when you sit down to that 9–5 grind, because carpal tunnel shan't keep you from ~getting that bread~.

    A reviewer's bread-shaped rest in front of their keyboard

    5. Or a corgi butt mousepad with a plush 'n' cheeky hiney for the cutest possible wrist pain prevention. Whether you're WFH or in the office, adding a little personality to your space makes everything a lil' better.

    The mousepad, with the corgi butt as a 3D cushion

    6. A sloth to-do notepad to make your everyday tasks a little more cheerful. Is "take a nap" an important thing to get done? Absolutely.

    A hand holding the notepad with sloth motif and to-do section, errands, people to contact, and appointments

    7. Or a to-do list of what you haaaave to get done today (with a column for what to procrastinate also) — that might make your cubicle neighbor raise an eyebrow... and then ask to join you for that drink.

    The pad that says "What I have to get done do I can have a drink"

    8. A pair of wineglasses with markings so you can play a full A-major scale just by running your finger around the rim, Miss Congeniality-style, when having your evening grownup grape juice.

    The glasses, with markings for different notes on the side

    9. A cleaning putty to easily (and kind of fun-ly!) clean your car air conditioner vents, laptop keyboard, cupholders, remote buttons, and any other tricky little areas where dust and crumbs accumulate when you have a few spare moments.

    Model using the putty to clean out an air vent

    10. A pair of LED light saber chopsticks, because when you're in charge, the rule "Don't play with your food" is no longer a thing. May the *fun* be with you!

    11. A stylish acrylic block and set of sleek black knives, because this'll really dress up your kitchen — and the bonus is they actually are really great knives too! If you think you have to compromise style for function, these are perfect for you.

    12. A subscription to Shaker and Spoon, a monthly box delivered right to your door to bring you all the ingredients you need to whip up three tasty cocktail recipes each month. Skip your same old, same old drink and ~mix up~ your at-home happy hours!

    An example box with lemons and lives, mixers, and recipe cards

    13. A reversible sequin pillow you can run your hands over to reveal the hidden face beneath and surprise all your guests. Home decor doesn't have to be boring, especially when it comes to accent pieces.

    The pillow in four photos showing the sequence from solid gold to keanu's face

    14. A desktop inflatable tube guy who can teach everyone a dance move or two. Why *couldn't* use the laugh that this thing provides?! Plus it makes a great gift for ::checks list:: just about anyone.

    The red guy with box and booklet

    15. A Dolly Parton tray you'll want to put on display on the coffee table or kitchen counter to make fueling up for another grueling workday just a little better. Pour yourself a cup of ambition, bb.

    The beige tray with an illustration of Dolly and text "Pour yourself a cup of ambition"

    16. A llama-shaped duster to serve as a reward for cleaning the house from attic to basement regularly this year (...or vacuuming just once, I don't know your life!).

    Two of the fluffy llama duster's in pink

    17. The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook for anyone who is missing their Dole Whip, Mickey Pretzels, churros, or Star Wars blue milk — this has recipes inspired by all three and more! Your kitchen is now an amusement park, enjoy.

    The cover of the book

    18. A Dracula garlic mincer to add some personality to your kitchen, while getting one of cooking's most annoying tasks done quickly. It's great for anyone who appreciates irony, has strong feelings about their favorite vampire, or just really loves garlic bread. And if they're on board with all three like me, even better.

    The mincer that looks like Dracula (just twist the head to mince) with garlic bread

    19. An extra large skull ice cube mold for the ~coolest~ drink of all time — and like a "king cube," you only need one per glass!

    20. A throwback-style '90s marble print Caboodle to *finally* organize all those beauty products while appeasing your inner child — and do touchups, thanks to the built-in mirror.

    21. An adorable slow cooker so when you tell all your friends you finally made an amazing (and easy!!) dinner instead of ordering takeout for the fourth time this week, they'll say "Pixar it didn't happen."

    The black slow cooker with illustrated icons of Disney and Pixar characters like Sully, Joy, Woody, Nemo, and more

    22. A stuffed patty mold, because why have a boring ole dinner when you can have a Jucy Lucy right in the comfort of your own home (and don't even have to wear pants).

    A cheese-stuffed burger next to the round patty mold/press

    23. A Real Housewives of New York-inspired key chain to ensure you never ever ever lose your keys again. If you do, you might have to sleep in the (gasp!) *fish room*.

    The blue motel-style keychain with text Blue Stone Manor Great Barrington MA on one side and I made it nice on the other

    24. A marble print wine holder that suctions right to any tiled wall with a *built-in* Bluetooth speaker for your most relaxing bath time yet. Throw in a rubber ducky (or a ~waterproof toy~ wink wink) and enjoy some grownup bath time fun.

    The black marble print caddy holding a wine glass on a tile wall

    25. An elegant cheese board with cracker slots so you can craft the appetizer boards (or snacking dinners!) of your dreams, whether with cheese, charcuterie, or even a McDonald's one (did you guys see that TikTok? Inspirational).

    The board used to show a layout, with something sweet, smooth cheese, cheese with a bite, buttery cheese, hard cheese, something crunchy, and bread

    26. A bulk bag (we're talking 1.5 pounds!) of cereal marshmallows for snacking. That's it, that's all I have to say.

    The bag of dehydrated marshmallows

    27. A pair of hedgehog-shaped dryer balls whose prickles will ensure your laundry dries quicker and gets softer than ever — saving you money while also putting a smile on your face. Dryer sheets who?

    The two white hedgehogs in a pile of towels

    28. A purrfect night light with a soft silicone body and touch-sensitive control so you can just tap it to change the color and light mode. Take it on late night trips to the bathroom or kitchen or keep it on after watching that very scary movie (or just reading the Wikipedia summary, no judgment here!).

    29. A Harry Styles air freshener you can customize with watermelon (*duh*) or any of 21 other scents to keep your wheels smelling fresh, whether you're carting around messy kids, keep your gym gear in the back seat, or stop for french fries and don't want your car smelling like McDonald's forever.

    The air freshener with an illustration of Harry Styles on a watermelon background

    30. A set of purrfect chair socks that look like little cat feet. These are just about the only paws that *don't* scratch your floors — and actually *keep* your furniture from damaging your precious hardwood.

    The paw socks in black, yellow-brown stripes, and grey stripes

    31. A DIY bubble tea kit that'll help you whip up eight servings of delicious boba, because hobbies and DIY projects can *also* be delicious. Invite some friends over and make it a party!

    The kit

    32. A subtle, geometric removable peel-and-stick wallpaper to dress up your walls, furniture, or even shelves with ease if your plain white rental walls are just too boring for words. No need to watch YouTube videos or hire a wallpaper installer.

    A sofa in front of a wall with the white and grey geometric wallpaper on it

    33. A Swedish dishcloth emblazoned with a punny take on our favorite Billie Eilish song. Singing while doing the chores is key. DUH!

    A light blue dishcloth that says "So you're a tough guy. Like to scrub rough guy. Just can't clean enough guy."

    34. A literal Dundie award so you can properly celebrate completing a big work project or getting a promotion. You deserve it.

    The golden award on a black stand

    35. A squirrel feeder shaped like a unicorn head for some photo ops and backyard entertainment of ~mythological~ proportions. After weeding and mulching and mowing the lawn and planting, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

    A squirrel on a fencepost with their head in the feeder, with an opening on the bottom so it looks like the squirrel has a unicorn head

    36. A surprisingly soft tortilla blanket so you can wrap yourself up like the couch burrito you were always meant to be — and surprise the delivery guy with your new look.

    Two models sitting on the round blanket

    And if you're in need of a good gift, one reviewer even gave the blanket to her nephew half-wrapped in foil so it looked like a giant burrito. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

    The blanket folded up and wrapped in foil

    37. A faux oil painting portrait of Bill Murray, because why *wouldn't* you hang this up in a place of prominence in your home? Tell your kids this was your great uncle and just see what happens.

    The antique style portrait of Bill Murray which looks like a military-style oil painting

    38. A pack of generous-sounding silicone coasters for anyone who appreciates a good pun *and* keeping their precious furniture safe from water marks — these bbs are absorbent to catch any condensation.

    The textured coasters with white words "Drinks are on me"

    39. A shrimp neck pillow, because this'll provide much-needed comfort in the car or on a plane....while keeping your row mates at a pleasant distance. No need to be ~shellfish~, the arm rest is all yours.

    A model holding the pillow that looks like a cooked shrimp

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