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    32 Amazing Hair Products That Really And Truly Work

    Just a whole bunch of things reviewers swear by to give them very good hair days.

    1. A deeply moisturizing hair mask to restore health and shine to your hair with nourishing argan oil and green tea, plus protein-rich ingredients like quinoa, oat, and hydrolized keratin. Fancy-sounding ingredients, fancy-looking results.

    2. A cult-status Wet Brush with 86% five-star reviews for a reason. It'll detangle even the most stubborn hair...WITHOUT ripping it from your scalp, thanks to the flexible bristles that glide rather than tug.

    A reviewer with tangled hair before, and smooth, tangle-free hair after

    3. A pack of virtually unbreakable hair ties specifically designed for long and thick hair. No slipping, no stretching out, and no damage to your strands.

    4. A bottle of Neutrogena's volume-boosting clarifying shampoo you can use every few washes to remove all the product residue and buildup you've accumulated with styling.

    The bottle of shampoo

    5. A Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron that rotates to create curls or waves in seconds. All you need to do is press the button and watch the magic happen.

    A reviewer with straight hair before using, and voluminous waves after

    6. A Living Proof de-frizzing spray to soften hair between shampoos, reducing up to **92%** of frizz AND providing UV protection, without a lot of product buildup.

    A model with frizzy hair before use, and smooth shiny hair after use

    7. A John Frieda hot-air brush that combines the powers of a round brush and a hair dryer, giving you the bounciest blowout with just one tool. And a whole lot less effort.

    8. A canister of fan-favorite Basiste dry shampoo to add the perfect amount of texture and body to your day(s)-old hair and make oily, flat roots disappear.

    The canister of Original scent dry shampoo

    9. A delicious-smelling Sun Bum sea salt spray so you can add some beachy waves to your hair without any crunchy stiffness.

    The bottle of spray

    10. A scalp brush for anyone looking to replicate that amazing hair salon scalp massage at home.

    11. A five-in-one curling iron and wand set with interchangeable barrels to make achieving the curls of your Pinterest board dreams a reality.

    The five barrels with example curls: 1.5", 1", .75", .7-1" tapered and .3-.75" tapered

    12. A bottle of Fanola purple shampoo formulated to neutralize yellow tones and brassiness for platinum locks — all in one to three minutes and *without* a trip to the salon

    A reviewer's brassy hair before, and brighter platinum-tone hair after

    13. A boar-bristle teasing brush that's sure to bring your hair to new heights with just a few easy strokes.

    14. A texture-boosting Bumble and Bumble styling cream specially designed for air-drying your hair and perfect for when it's just too damn hot to whip out the hot tools.

    15. A t-shirt hair towel you can use to scrunch your hair drier or wear as a wet hair wrap for hands-free drying so your curls can turn out even more gorgeous than usual — and with less damage and frizz.

    16. A borderline-magical Invisibobble spiral hair tie for anyone sick and tired of waking up with creased hair.

    17. L'Oréal's 48-hour, high-control hairspray that looks at the weather forecast...and laughs. Humidity is no match for this spray.

    The extra strong hold spray

    18. An HSI ionic straightener with a less than $40 pricetag — but that works as well as the super-expensive ones. Did I mention it has over *21,000* five-star reviews?

    19. A deep-conditioning Tonymoly hair pack chock-full of vitamins, nutritious oils, and shea butter to make your hair softer than ever.

    20. A Color Wow powder and brush combo to cover your grown-in roots instantly and make your hair look fuller — and it'll last until you shampoo it out!

    21. Wonder Curl's Get Set Jelly with aloe leaf juice and pro-vitamin B5 to define curls and coils and protect them from humidity, so they stay fresh and defined all day (and for days after).

    22. A L'Oréal blowout priming spray to seriously cut down your drying time while protecting your hair from heat damage — and achieving salon-worthy softness.

    The bottle of spray

    23. A pack of Goody hair elastics with rubber treading to make sure they stay in place on even the slipperiest hair and during even the most intense workouts.

    The package of elastics

    24. An apple cider vinegar shampoo and conditioner set to treat both your hair *and* your scalp, removing product buildup, softening & strengthening your strands, and hydrating with avocado and coconut oils.

    25. A 42-pack of curling rods you can use wet or dry to create perfect no-heat styles on all hair textures.

    26. An Aussie deep conditioner that'll work in just three minutes (perfect for an in-shower karaoke sesh) to revive the driest hair, detangle, and add body and shine — thanks jojoba and avocado oils!

    A reviewer with shiny hair dyed pink

    27. A tourmaline deep waver hot tool to create everything from 1920s-style finger waves to perfectly undone mermaid hair in no time flat.

    28. Big Sexy Hair's weightless volumizing and texturizing powder that'll go on translucent for the bigger-than-ever hair of your dreams. It's also great for beefing up braids!

    A model before/after with wavy-straight hair before and wavy-curly, voluminous hair after

    29. An extra large diffuser attachment designed to gather your curls, drying them in their natural pattern, reducing frizz, and increasing definition AND shine.

    30. Olaplex 3, a strengthening, re-bonding for your color-treated or heat damaged locks, making them healthier than ever before. This is a game-changer, folks.

    Two photos of a reviewer's hair: yellow-tone, frizzy hair with text "no treatment" and smoother, shinier, less brassy hair with text "1 treatment"

    31. An argan oil–infused cream gel that'll define curls and add hold (*without* the dreaded crunchiness). It'll help fight frizz so your hair can bounce along healthily behind you, whether you have anything from loose waves to tight spirals — and it's safe on colored hair!

    32. A satin pillowcase to help maintain hair health even as you sleep, reducing pesky frizz and breakage when compared with regular cotton or other fiber pillowcases — that means longer-lasting blowouts and less damage in the long run.

    A model clutching a shiny grey satin pillow

    Get ready for your best hair yet.

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